Why Freedom Forever is the best choice for home solar

May 23, 2019 | 3min read

If you’re ready for home solar, the very next question you should ask is: Who do I want to install my solar system? It’s an important question because home solar is a major investment that if done correctly will provide you with cheap power for decades and can add value to your home. Go solar with confidence, go with one of America’s largest and fastest-growing and most trusted home solar installers.

Get the FAQ’s of going solar with Freedom Forever

The Freedom Forever 25-year production guarantee

Freedom Forever guarantees that your solar system will produce the electricity we promise it will with our 25-year production guarantee.  We monitor your system, if it ever breaks or falls short on power generation from our fault, we fix it and reimburse you for any shortfalls in power production.

Our guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of your agreement with us. That agreement spells out the conditions of our guarantee. You are mainly required to do two things:

  • Keep trees and other landscape from throwing shade on your panels
  • Allow us access if your system needs repair

Those two things are the main things you have to do to ensure you get 25 years of reliable electrical power production to your system. Otherwise, simply enjoy the reliable energy from going solar.

Speed to Installation

Freedom Forever gets your solar system installed quickly. In 2018, our average time-to-install was just 21 days. The national average installation time is three months. Our fast installs mean that your system will be submitted for inspection and approval just weeks after you choose to go solar. Once your utility grants your system Permission-To-Operate, you’ll be all set to begin enjoying the savings that can come from going solar.

NABCEP Certification

Freedom Forever’s President, Greg Albright is a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ certified PV Installation Professional. Greg’s certification means that he works to ensure that Freedom Forever meets and exceeds NABCEP certification standards that ensure customer service excellence.

Freedom Forever, your partner in future energy needs

Another reason that makes Freedom Forever the best choice when going solar is that we are there for you and your future energy needs. If you need more power than your system is producing, just give us a call. We can add panels to your system as long as there is room for them on your roof.

Batteries, now or in the future

Another way that Freedom Forever is there for you is that we can install batteries on your system. Home batteries are helpful for avoiding high peak Time of Use rates that can erode your solar savings. Batteries can power your home during those peak rate times and save you a lot of money.

Another reason you may want batteries is that they can power vital equipment during blackouts. Systems that you may want to ensure remain powered could include home medical equipment for example.

Better financing? Freedom can help with that too!

Thanks to our solid relationships with solar financing providers, financing may be available with a FICO score as low as 600. You will also enjoy some of the most competitive rates available. Freedom also has solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements if you want to lease your system.

Third story roof? Ground mount solar? Freedom Forever says yes when others say no

Some solar companies balk at tough jobs such as installing on third story roofs, ground-mounted solar, and other tough jobs. If you have been turned down for solar because your job was too hard, give us a call. Freedom Forever does the tough jobs that others don’t.

We are unafraid to tackle the tough jobs, can help you secure excellent financing, and stand ready to assist you with your future energy needs. You would be hard-pressed to find another company that can do all that for you. Just give us a call to get started.

Go with the best! Give Freedom Forever a call at 800-685-1850 or click below to request a quote.