Freedom Forever Solar power financing options

Freedom Forever offers a wide range of solar financing options through our many finance partners. We have partners that fund solar projects with a FICO score as low as 600. For anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t finance their solar system, PACE loans and solar leases can help put a solar system on your home. To generally qualify for solar power financing, a person should own their home and have an electric bill that averages at least $100 a month.

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Loanpal financing, FICO scores as low as 650

Freedom Forever has exclusive low financing rates with Loanpal. They can say yes to as low as a 650 FICO score in California. For customers with excellent credit, Loanpal offers a 20 year 2.99% loan package. Loanpal offers zero-down financing and highly competitive financing rates from 4.99% to 6.99% for 650 credit scores for qualified lessees. They offer one of the highest finance approval rates in the solar industry with 10 and 20-year terms. Loan payments typically start 60 days after the install date unless a different start date is agreed to.

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Dividend financing, Empower and EmpowerPlus loans

Dividend offers low fixed rates and zero-down financing with its Empower and EmpowerPlus loans for qualified borrowers. These loans offer low rates and zero-down financing. An advantage of the Empower loan is that it has flexible terms. The EmpowerPlus loan comes with no prepayment penalties. Dividend canalso finance home batteries in states with their Empower loan program.

Mosaic financing, competitive rates, and easy account management

Mosaic offers financing for solar power systems and home batteries. They also offer financing for home improvements that often happen along with solar such as energy efficiency upgrades. Mosaic strives to make financing available to all with its simple fast loan application process.

PACE Funding, finance your solar system with a tax lien

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finances home solar systems with a tax lien instead of a loan. PACE financing is an option for homeowners that don’t have good enough credit to get financing through lenders, but it is often more expensive than a loan. These loans are only available in areas where local governments have decided to provide funding for it. PACE funding is repaid through an assessment attached to their annual property tax bill.

Greenpace Capital

Greenpace Capital is a private company that provides a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that is prepaid by a PACE loan. They raise money for PACE loans by combining funds from local governments with funds from a pool of investors. This unique public/private partnership enables Greenpace to offer homeowners in California a p[repaid PPA option that other companies can’t. Greenpace offers funding only in the state of California.

Energy Loan Network financing

The Energy Loan Network (ELN) makes its loans consumer-friendly by offering no prepayment penalties and no homeowner fees. ELN works with a borrower in the application process to find the most affordable terms and payments to meet the applicants’ needs. ELN offers financing through a network of lenders so they can offer a wide variety of loan terms and payments.

Fortifi: Energy Efficient Equity, Zero down, fixed rates, no FICO required

Fortifi offers PACE financing for energy or water efficient upgrades. This means homeowners may be able to finance a variety of improvements when they go solar to make the home more efficient.

Cash financing

Of course, cash financing is also an option. Homeowners who pay cash for their system avoid interest charges. By avoiding interest charges the homeowner breaks even on their investment sooner. Self-financing asolar project also means a higher return on investment.


Sunrun offers solar leases. They also offer financing for home batteries. Sunrun will customize a lease agreement based on an individual’s needs to maximize the opportunity to go solar.

Sunlight Financial

Sunlight financial partners with solar loan companies and solar installers like Freedom Forever to offer “innovative, affordable loans”. They offer a streamlined loan approval process that enables Sunlight Financial to offer homeowners a wide range of financial products. They offer financing for both home solar and battery storage. There is no prepayment penalty on Sunlight loans.

mPOWER financing for California

Money for Property Owner Water and Energy Retrofitting (mPOWER) finances projects that help homeowners save money by retrofitting their homes with energy and water saving technologies. They finance these projects through PACE loans. Their loan program has no upfront costs and since it relies on the PACE program.. mPOWER can finance a wide variety of home improvements such as Envelope Sealing & Insulation, Lighting, HVAC Upgrade, Water Heating, Water Conservation, Renewable Energy, and more.

Freedom Forever gets it done when the other guys can’t

In conclusion, the wide range of financing options offered by our financing partners means we can get it done when others can’t. Have you been told no by the other guys? Give Freedom Forever a call, we are committed to finding a way to say yes when the other guys say no.

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