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We are hiring many different kinds of positions in dozens of locations across the country! If you’re interested in joining the solar movement and you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you. Search open positions on our Indeed page.

A job at Freedom Forever means working side by side with highly-motivated people who believe in solar industry disruption, servant leadership, and who are driven to improve the lives our customers by adding affordable, clean solar energy.

Our Heroes Wear Harnesses

Freedom Forever is actively installing residential rooftop solar in 34 states! From the dry deserts of Southern California to the snow and freezing rain of the North East to the humid beaches in Florida, our installers are constantly adapting to the weather. Watch our install crews get the job done, no matter what, in the fight to make our planet greener.





The Freedom Forever Story

Freedom Forever was founded in 2011 on the simple principle that people should have more affordable and cleaner options to meet their energy needs. Since then, we have earned significant success, demonstrating our sustained growth within a competitive industry. Our company mission is to brighten the world with solar energy today, tomorrow, and forever.

Our core values

Our seven core company values serve as the inspiration for all the things we do and create the everyday culture you experience when you come to work. We want to encourage and empower everyone to embody these core values daily.

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LIGHTSPEED by Freedom Forever

At Freedom Forever, we’re proud to be a solar industry disruptor. We break the mold in many ways… from our vow to use only W2 installers (no contractors!) to our one-of-a-kind CRM and Project Management tool called LIGHTSPEED. This custom-built software helps us manage projects efficiently, update homeowners on the progress of their installation, and deliver a 5-star installation service unmatched by any other solar installer.


What our employees are saying

I got blessed with a great group of guys. I like my team a lot they’ve become a brotherhood. What I love about freedom is the tight-knit installer group and the office group – it’s like a big family. Not only is it a tight-knit family but the upward mobility was definitely there. If you show potential and you actually put pride in your work, you will move up the ladder.

Benjamin S.


My favorite thing about Freedom Forever would be the people. I like coming to work…I don’t wake up in the morning not wanting to come work, I actually look forward to it [because] I’m here with good people.

Christian P.


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