The Freedom Forever dealer program

Freedom Forever leverages the high volume produced by our network of committed dealers to deliver efficiencies and to negotiate the best terms on equipment and finance options.

How are we different?

Freedom Forever has pioneered a new concept in solar: rapid growth with positive cash flow and no reliance on outside funding.

  • Ranked on Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing companies three years in a row
  • Over 231 MW and counting!
  • Our 25-year production guarantee provides customers a worry-free experience
  • We only install tier 1 panels, inverters, and monitoring systems.
  • Premium offering with aggressive pricing

Fast installation equals fast commissions

Freedom Forever ensures a quality installation with best-in-class lead times. We work to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their system. We install quicker so you can get faster commissions.

We are not afraid of difficult projects

Motivated homeowners often fail to get qualified for solar or are turned away because of a problem with their property or roof. At Freedom Forever, this isn’t a problem! It’s an opportunity. We provide flexible financing options and solution-seeking crews that love a good challenge!

  • Great rates and low dealer fees mean that you can be more competitive in the home!
  • Financing for almost any situation! Our finance partners offer all the best loans, PPA/Leases, prepaid leases, and PACE.
  • Finance options for manufactured homes, rentals, low FICOs, etc.
  • Challenging roofs and shading? Give us the jobs your current installer has turned down!

On-demand proposal service

Get proposals in 10 minutes or less with our Proposal Service. Generate complete financing options for your customer in one meeting. Ideal for one-call closing or changes needed on the fly!

Project status at the click of a button

Dealer portal

The Dealer Portal is your one stop shop for closing deals faster, project updates, performance tracking, streamlined communication and reduced cancellation. You’ll have the power to make updates, request contracts, request proposals and more, right at your fingertips.

Customer portal

Your customers can follow their installation from the moment their contract is signed to the moment it’s fully operational with our unique customer portal. They also receive regular project updates by email and learn what to expect at each stage of the installation process.

Other benefits

Freedom never sells directly to homeowners

All of our solar installations are built and project-managed end-to-end by Freedom Forever employees. That’s our expertise. Selling to homeowners is your expertise! We reply on our Independent Authorized Dealer network to consult with customers and create the best solar solution for their unique needs.

Your reps will remain your reps

We pledge complete loyalty and partnership with our dealers. No rep can circumvent you to work directly with us or for another Freedom dealer without your written permission. No exceptions!

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