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Freedom Forever
Dealer Program

Freedom Forever leverages the high volume produced by our network of committed dealers to deliver efficiencies and to negotiate the best terms on equipment and finance options.

We're different.

Since 2011 Freedom Forever has pioneered a new concept in solar: rapid growth with positive cash flow and no reliance on outside funding. After 300%+ annual growth for three years and almost 5,000 installations completed our financials are stronger than ever. If you need a solid partner that will service your customers for the long haul - look no further!

Premium offering but aggressive pricing.

Our very low commission baseline allows you to clinch deals with extremely aggressive pricing. However, the added value of a superior offering will often let you sell at a higher price.

  • Our 25-year production guarantee is the only one in the industry that provides true worry-free enjoyment. We’ll monitor, maintain and repair the system free of charge for 25 years and pay for the electricity if the system goes down.

  • We only install tier 1 panels, inverters, and monitoring systems.

  • With almost 5,000 systems installed, you can entrust your project to someone with thousands of happy customers.


Need for speed? Fastest installations and commissions.

Freedom Forever ensures quality, customer satisfaction, and best-in-class lead times by always deploying our crews - no subs!

  • 2018 Average: 21 Days

  • 2017 Average: 24 Days


We make the impossible, possible.

Motivated homeowners or their property often fail to get qualified for solar, or they have to deal with high-interest rates and fees. Not with Freedom Forever. Freedom Forever ensures quality, customer satisfaction, and best-in-class lead times by always deploying our crews - no subs!

  • Best rates and lowest fees - All our finance options have heavily negotiated rates. Be more competitive in the home!

  • Financing for any situation - We have all the best loans. PPA/Leases, prepaid leases, and PACE. Find options for mobile homes, rentals, low FICO’s, no SSN, etc. Help more homeowners!

Challenging roofs and shading - We’ve never seen a structurally sound roof we didn’t like. Tree trimming is not a problem. Give us the jobs your current installer have turned down!


Project status at the click of a button.

Freedom Forever aims for full transparency and peace of mind. You can follow all your projects from submission to PTO hour-by-hour online or through our app. Our new Customer Portal provides your homeowners an easy to use interface to track the progress of their project.

Been passing up commercial opportunities?

No more! We install commercial solar systems at aggressive rates and have several finance options even for non-profits.


Freedom never sells directly to homeowners.

All of our solar installations are built and project managed end-to-end by Freedom Forever employees. That’s our expertise. Selling to homeowners is your expertise! We will never cross that line of selling to homeowners. It’s simply a matter of trust.


Your reps will remain your reps.

We pledge complete loyalty and partnership with our dealers. No rep can circumvent you to work directly with us without your written permission. No exceptions!

Our Partners

What Our Dealers Are Saying About Us

Verified Review

Every time I need absolutely anything Jim jumps to it and it’s done immediately. I can only hope that I am fortunate enough to hire people like him, he is definitely a keeper!

George D. - Owner In CA
Verified Review

Freedom Forever has proved themselves over and over to be one of the best in the industry. They install in record breaking times and provide exceptional custoemr wervice with weekly calls to keep the customers informed of their job progress. You will get the most competitive price, quick installation and have a hassle free experience when you choose to go solar with Freedom Forever.

Tiffany S. - Principal In CA and NV
Verified Review

It has been a tremendous help to have such a positive, encouraging and supportive person like Taylin working with me. I want to make sure that her contributions do not go unseen, because people like her give dealers like me hope that all is well.

Hector V. - Owner In CA
Verified Review

They’ve been absolutely amazing to work with. Every time I’ve needed help, if they couldn’t answer the question, they found the person that would and quickly! Odd issues come up every once in a while and it’s such a relief to know that we’ve got the help we need when issues arise...I know I’m truly working with the best now.

Nathan C. - Co Owner In NV
Verified Review

I absolutely love working with Freedom and their staff! They are very communicative and pay close attention to detail. I especially like all of the options they are able to offer their customers... They are my number one choice and they always keep all of my clients happy.

Manny R. - Owner In CA