The Freedom Forever Dealer Program

Our network of Independent Authorized Dealers is powered by the most passionate and motivated solar experts in the industry. What makes this partnership so effective is that you have specialists coming together to give you the best service possible.


America’s #1 Residential Solar Installer

We’re a family of highly-motivated people who believe in integrity, servant leadership and a drive to improve the lives of our customers by helping maximize their home investment.

Volt mobile app

Volt by Freedom Forever is a solar lead management and canvassing tool customized to sales teams’ top priorities in streamlining and increasing sales.

  • Compete with your peers and track your progress on the leaderboard!
  • Keep important sales information in one place
  • Create and manage sales territories
  • Schedule and dispatch appointments while canvassing the neighborhood
installer on roof

Fast Commissions

Freedom Forever ensures a quality installation with best-in-class lead times. We work to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their system. We install quicker so you can get faster commissions.

We are not afraid of difficult projects

Motivated homeowners often fail to get qualified for solar or are turned away because of a problem with their property or roof. At Freedom Forever, this isn’t a problem! It’s an opportunity. We provide flexible financing options and solution-seeking crews that love a good challenge!

  • Great rates and low dealer fees mean that you can be more competitive in the home!
  • Financing for almost any situation! Our finance partners offer all the best loans, PPA/Leases, and prepaid leases.
  • Finance options for manufactured homes, rentals, low FICOs, etc.
  • Challenging roofs and shading? Give us the jobs your current installer has turned down!

Freedom Forever x Aurora

Design, visualize, and close a deal in one place!

Freedom Forever’s integration with Aurora Sales Mode allows reps to generate accurate proposals directly from LIGHTSPEED. Sales Reps have access to all of the following features:

Build a custom 3D model in under 30 seconds using Aurora’s Autoroof tool

Alter panel layouts to accommodate customer requests and maximize production

Accurately calculate solar production

Run Mosaic credit checks and send loan docs seamlessly

Easily convert Aurora design to a Freedom project without double entering information

And more…!

Plus, Aurora has created dedicated support channels via phone, text, and live chat that can be used for nearly all sales and in-home needs! 

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