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Our Pledge

Solar is changing, and it’s time for the industry to catch up. This is our pledge to be different.

You deserve a real 25 Year Guarantee.

You deserve a better warranty than just a simple manufacturer warranty that varies between companies and doesn’t cover service cost or production deficiencies. Who wants that? With the Freedom Forever Production Guarantee, not only will we fix your system if it stops working, we will compensate you while the system is not operating. It’s on us.

You deserve the credit.

It is your hard-earned money paying for the installation of a solar system on your home. You deserve to take full advantage of any tax credits and rebates available to you. We pledge to always point you towards the best solution for you– the choice that will maximize the return on your investment.

You deserve great financing options.

You deserve stellar financing options that will reward your investment by granting you the maximum tax credit available where you live. With multiple financing options, you could get your custom solar system with zero-money down. We pledge to help you maximize your cost savings and return.

You deserve peace of mind.

With many systems you won’t know your system is down until you get your utility bill and it has doubled, or tripled. Many companies can take 3 months to repair your system, but because we are monitoring your system’s performance we will know there is a problem before you. We pledge to service your solar system as quickly as possible and cut you a check for every day it’s down.

You deserve a quick installation.

You deserve to have the quickest installation possible so you can begin immediately saving money and increasing your home value. From the first phone call to clean energy, Freedom Forever is twice as fast as the other guys. We pledge to do everything possible to make your installation as smooth and speedy as possible.

Verified Review

Our solar installation was easy and stress free. We love the savings and feel good about our choice.

Verified Review

Today we are enjoying our system for its second year. It has been exciting and financially beneficial for our family. We are always happy to refer family and friends to Freedom Forever.

Mark & April
Verified Review

We trusted Freedom Forever and they did not disappoint us. We have the power we need, with no out of pocket cost. It was a relief to have the permits and paperwork taken care of too.

Verified Review

We have found the entire experience with Freedom Forever to be smooth and organized. The entire team from the consultant to the installers has been extremely professional and courteous.


The Freedom Forever Difference

25-Year Guarantee

Panels, inverters, repairs, or low-production – it’s all on us for 25 years.

Zero Money Down

93% of our installations are done with zero-money down whether you purchase or lease.

Certified Installers

100% of installations are handled by Freedom Forever certified employees and undergo a 25 Point Inspection.