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The Freedom Forever customer experience is built on integrity, transparency, and a drive to improve the lives of our customers. We will be there for you every step of the way to answer your questions and help you go solar in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Don't take it from us, we'll let our customers do the talking!

Meet the Souza Family

Solar in New England can work just as efficiently as anywhere else. The sun still shines!
Terri Souza
Somerset, MA

Terri Souza went solar for the 2nd time to combat the rising costs of electricity on the national grid. Watch Terris quick and efficient solar install now.

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Meet the Burris Family

Now that I’ve gone solar, I feel empowered. I can now generate electricity on my own without somebody else and save that electricity in my batteries.
Christian Burris
Mesa, AZ

The Burris Family went solar with Freedom Forever! They wanted to be empowered to create and use their own electricity while also storing electricity via battery. Listen in on how the Burris Family used solar to become more energy efficient.

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Meet the Feldman Family

I don’t have to worry about any of these expenses in the future, and to me that is exciting!
Robert Feldman
Las Vegas, NV

The Feldman family recently went solar with Freedom Forever. Not only did they want to manage their high utility bills, but also wanted to have a positive environmental impact. Listen in on the Feldman’s solar journey!

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Meet the Cermak Family

The process was seamless. From permitting to system design, I was informed every step of the way.
Jeff Cermak
Palatine, IL

Meet Jeff and Kara from Illinois. They recognized all of the benefits of solar but were mainly excited about generating their own power and doing their part to help the environment.

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Meet the Zinkin Family

The money we save, we take trips with instead of putting it back into the utility company.
Mike Zinkin
Oro Valley, AZ

Living in Arizona, where there are about 300 days of sunshine a year, the Zinkins had been faced with high electricity bills, especially during the summer months. They decided to do some research and chose to go solar with Freedom Forever!

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Meet the Roberts Family

I can show you any moment of that day how much energy I’m producing, how much energy I produced last week. It’s so cool!
Eric Roberts
Las Vegas, NV

Eric Roberts is a Freedom Forever customer who decided that something had to be done after he received a $600 utility bill.

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Meet the Magana Family

It was one flat rate that wasn’t going to go up and down and it was something we could depend on.
Daniel Magana
Sacramento, CA

Gloria and Daniel Magana went solar with Freedom Forever. We talked to them about their experience and how solar has impacted their lives.

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Meet the Lugo Family

The whole process opened my eyes to everything that goes into installing solar. I was impressed by how fast and efficient Freedom Forever was.
Frank Lugo
Banning, CA

Most recently, we sat down with Nevada homeowner Frank Lugo. He was gracious enough to share his initial hesitations, his experience, the impact solar has had on his life and advice for anyone thinking of going solar. See how it went.

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