Our 25-year production guarantee

Freedom Forever offers a unique solar production guarantee – on TOP of your system’s standard warranty! If your system produces less power than we say it will, you can get a check for the difference covered under our 25-year production guarantee. That’s more power in your hands. When we say “freedom from high utility bills” we mean it!

How can Freedom Forever guarantee energy production?

It comes down to quality, and standing by what we promise. In order to be the best, we use the highest quality components, installed by experienced professional installers. Each solar system is meticulously inspected by a Freedom Forever professional after installation, as well as a local or city Inspector before the utility officials assess and grant permission to turn on your system. Once your system is on, it is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it ever breaks, we’ll make it right. We’ll even reimburse you for any energy production lost from our fault!*

*subject to terms and conditions of your agreement

How long do solar panels last?

Typically solar panels are warrantied to last 25 years, but many last a lot longer than that. In fact, there are first-generation solar panels still producing 75% of their original output after 40 years. The longer your panels last, the greater your return on investment. Luckily, Freedom Forever installs high quality solar panels built to last and we have a 25-Year Production Guarantee to prove it!

Meet the Souza Family

Solar in New England can work just as efficiently as anywhere else. The sun still shines!
Terri Souza
Somerset, MA

Terri Souza went solar for the 2nd time to combat the rising costs of electricity on the national grid. Watch Terris quick and efficient solar install now.

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Average American Household could save $2,500 by going solar

By going solar and switching to electric appliances, you could cut your monthly energy bill AND reduce your carbon footprint. Check out this breakdown based on an October 2020 report from Rewiring America study for a roadmap for cutting costs!

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We understand why you go solar. And it’s not to give the electric company more of your money! That’s why Freedom Forever is here to give more power to you. Get 25-years of guaranteed production from the sun, it’s that simple.

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