Solar financing

While other solar companies have limited financing plans, Freedom Forever offers options. We partner with Independent Authorized Dealers who are experts in finding the best custom solutions to fit your individual solar and financial needs.

Whether you choose to go solar by buying outright, securing financing with one of our leading solar loan partners, or leasing your system, solar is one of the very best investments for homeowners in the US!

Solar Financing FAQ

What’s better, buying solar or leasing?

Freedom Forever understands every situation is different. Buying may be a great option for some homeowners, while others prefer to lease. Our team is here to support whichever financial path makes the most sense for you. Through our network of independent authorized dealers, Freedom Forever offers zero down financing at great rates. If you want to lease your solar system, you will have access to some of the best rates on leases and PPAs. Whichever way you go, you’ll be going solar with one of the top solar energy installers in the country.

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Is my home a good candidate for solar power?

To generally qualify for solar power financing, a person should own their home and have an electric bill that averages about $100 a month. During the pre-qualification process, our team can help you decide if solar makes sense for you and your home. Spoiler alert, solar is usually a great idea!

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How high does my credit score need to be to get solar financing?

Freedom Forever is passionate about making solar accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. Because of this, you may qualify for solar financing with Freedom Forever with a credit score as low as 600. Many competing companies won’t finance you unless you have a FICO score of 650 or higher. Even if your credit score isn’t 600 or higher, Freedom Forever may still be able to help you go solar! Freedom Forever partners with the industry’s best financing companies, such as Mosaic and Sunrun, to offer the best solar financing available.

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Can I go solar with no money down?

Yes! Freedom Forever has lots of zero-down financing options. In fact, this is a big reason many homeowners decide to go solar with us. There are actually four ways you can get zero-down financing for a solar power system on your home.

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Freedom Forever gets it done when the other guys can’t

Have you been told no by the other guys? We are committed to finding a way to say yes when the other guys say no. Fill out the form below and we’ll connect you with a local solar expert who can help you find the best solar financing for your needs.

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