Energy storage

Home energy storage is becoming increasingly popular among our customers. Adding a solar energy storage system to your home can really make a difference, especially for those looking to leverage solar power at night or for backup power during a grid outage.

Save money by using stored power during peak hours

If your home is on time-of-use (ToU) billing, home batteries can power your home during those expensive peak rate hours and can save you money. Peak rates are often charged in the evening after your solar system stops producing power. Batteries can power your home during those peak-rate hours, and then recharge the next day.

Keep the lights on during power outages or planned blackouts

A regular solar system can’t provide power to your home during blackouts, but a system with batteries can. For example, in California, public safety power shutdowns cause frequent blackouts in the fall during hot, windy days. If the electrical grid where you live is unreliable, home batteries could be the right choice to ensure reliable power for your home.

Get peace of mind

Home energy storage may make sense for you if you have critical electrical needs. If you have a blackout, batteries can keep that equipment operating. For example, home medical equipment that must remain powered on, or a fridge full of food too good to waste.

Take advantage of the federal tax credit

Home batteries are eligible for the federal tax credit for renewable energy. Even if you’ve already gone solar and taken advantage of this incentive, you may be eligible to collect it again if you add batteries to your solar system. The federal renewable energy tax credit will be reduced in future years, and after that, it will be phased out entirely. Currently, the tax credit will cover 26% of the installed cost of the batteries. You have to act soon!

Learn more about the Federal Tax Credit

Batteries installed by Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever installs best-in-class solar energy storage systems to meet the growing need for energy reliability. We install the LG Chem Cell battery as well as the Tesla Powerwall, an industry-leading home battery system.

The great thing about the Tesla Powerwall is that your system can be expanded to provide as much battery capacity as you want. (You could even install enough battery capacity to entirely power your home!)

Get a quote to add batteries

Planned and unplanned blackouts, plus high peak time-of-use electric rates make for an uncertain energy future. Get more out of your solar system and ask about home battery options today!

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