Solar advocacy

Did you know that your local utility company is likely fighting against solar energy? In order to protect existing and future solar customers, Freedom Forever partners with some amazing organizations to protect your solar rights.

Our advocacy partnerships

Through these relationships, we can harness the power of the most involved advocates with perspectives the solar community, identify resources and recommendations, and develop communication channels to keep you informed.

Solar Energy Industries Association

Protecting and expanding the solar market in the U.S.

Since its inception, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has become the voice of the solar industry, advocating for the protection and expansion of the U.S. solar market. SEIA represents the entire industry and supports strong protection for solar access rights in order to reduce restrictions on the installation of solar technologies nationwide.

SEIA is working to ensure that consumer protection is at the forefront of the solar industry, utilizing resources designed to safeguard customer rights.

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Introducing the Solar Rights Alliance

The Solar Rights Alliance (SRA) is a statewide nonprofit association of California solar users. The organization comprises homeowners, renters, businesses, nonprofits, schools, and others from all parts of California and walks of life. 

The Solar Rights Alliance believes you have the right to make energy from the sun on your property without unreasonable interference by the utility. Your solar energy is a valuable community resource, and you should be credited as such when you share it with the grid.

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Solar Rights Alliance
California Solar + Storage Association member

Introducing the California Solar & Storage Association

CALSSA provides energy solutions to all California consumers in neighborhoods and communities throughout the state. They remove barriers and smooth the path forward ensuring that everyone benefits by offering local policy, business development, job creation, and consumer confidence.

The mission of the California Solar & Storage Association is to promote the widespread deployment of smart, local, clean energy technologies while supporting a wide variety of businesses that everyday build a better energy future in urban and rural communities and neighborhoods throughout the state.

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