Will solar panels work on my house

July 15, 2019 | 3min read

Solar panels can work on almost any house, but there are situations where a ground-mounted system may be a better choice. Roof-mounted solar is generally less expensive to install than ground-mounted solar. Ground-mounted solar takes up space on the ground and may not be aesthetically pleasing. But either way, there is a way to make solar panels work on almost any house.

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When solar panels work on your roof

Solar panels work on your roof when your roof is large enough to fit a system that can produce enough power to meet your needs. The roof must also face the right direction and not be shaded by trees or other obstruction. A great way to estimate how much power your roof can produce is to use Google’s Project Sunroof.

If you enter your address, Google will show you how much power it estimates that your roof could produce. You can even enter the average amount of electricity you use and it will show you if your roof could generate enough power to cover your needs.

Roof materials and condition can affect whether solar panels will work on your roof

Some roofing materials are better than others for mounting a solar system. For example, brittle tiles such as clay tiles which break easily are hard to install on. Your best bet is to call us and ask us to evaluate your roof and tell you if it’s ready to go solar.

The condition of your roof also should be considered when going solar. As long as your roof is structurally sound and doesn’t leak, it’s ready to go solar. If there are problems with your roof, they can be addressed when you go solar. Freedom Forever will get it done.

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When ground-mount solar is a better option

Ground-mounted solar is a better option when your roof is too small or faces the wrong direction. Ground mount may also be a better option if you plan to go off-grid. The panels can be positioned at the perfect angle to maximize their efficiency. 

The disadvantages of going ground-mount are that it takes up space in your yard and it’s more expensive. But if you have enough room and don’t mind the additional cost, ground-mount will be the most energy-efficient way to go.

Freedom Forever can help you decide where to install your solar system

If you need help figuring out whether you want to install on the roof or go ground mount Freedom Forever can help. Simply call us or click Get a Quote and we’ll connect with one of our independent authorized dealers in your area who can help you decide. We install both rooftop and ground-mount systems. We also have home batteries if you want to store your solar power.

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