Solar Disruption Theory: A Freedom Forever podcast

September 24, 2019 | 2min read

It’s time to shake up the solar industry. Freedom Forever has just launched a new podcast, the Solar Disruption Theory. We’re very excited to explore new territory, shift our own mindset and continue to learn about a planet-altering industry that is growing every day. Solar Disruption Theory began with a simple desire to provide insight into the solar industry through a more conversational platform. We think when it comes to solar energy, education and communication are paramount.

Each week, we’ll sit down with servant leader, thought-provoker, CEO and co-host, Brett Bouchy. Brett is the CEO of Freedom Forever and with his help, Freedom Forever has become increasingly intentional with serving others and the planet. In each episode, it’s our goal to sit down with other solar energy thought leaders to learn from each other to share with you. With so much solar wisdom in one audio, we’ll get a deep look into the world of solar and how we’re disrupting its core. 

Solar Disruption Theory: First episode

In our first episode, we were able to get on the phone with energy-entrepreneur, activist and Mosaic CEO, Billy Parish. 

Mosaic in an industry-leading solar financing company that has truly revolutionized the energy industry. They do this by providing flexible financing for homeowners and helpful tools to contractors for better deals. 

It was truly an honor to sit down with Billy as he talked about his astonishingly young start in solar activism, entrepreneurial journey and the future of solar. It was exciting to hear about how solar is increasingly becoming more and more affordable. This is less a topic of finance and more so about accessibility. When solar makes more financial sense to more people, we’re able to help more people and ultimately, the earth. This podcast was insanely insightful and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

Listen to the full podcast here.

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