Warranties: Product vs. Freedom’s guarantee

June 11, 2020 | 2min read

Many companies offer warranties, with warranties that will repair or replace a product if it is defective. But Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee is different. If there is a problem that causes your solar system to fail or under-produce power, and that problem is due to something that is our fault, we will compensate you for the energy your system didn’t produce while it was down or under-producing.

Product warranties cover repair or replacement only

Most people are familiar with product warranties. If the product you bought is defective, the warranty allows you to have it fixed or replaced for free. But a product warranty isn’t truly adequate for a solar system. If your system breaks down the warranty would cover the repairs. What the warranty generally would not cover is the value of the power your system would have generated if it hadn’t broken down.

Freedom’s 25-year production guarantee covers lost power production

Freedom’s 25-year production guarantee does cover lost power production if the problem that caused the lost production was due to something that was our fault. Here’s how our production guarantee works:

We guarantee that your solar power system will meet its promised production amount for 25 years.

Freedom Forever guarantees that the solar system will produce the electricity promised in your contract with us.  We will even pay you for any shortfall from our fault.  However, your actual savings will depend on your usage and electricity rates in your area.  You should carefully consider if the usage and rates shown in your proposal are appropriate.  Keep in mind that many homeowners will use more electricity after going solar.

What we do if there is a problem. We monitor your system for 25 years. If we detect any shortfall in performance, we’ll contact you and send someone out to fix it. If the shortfall is caused by something that is our fault, we will compensate you for the shortfall. The amount of compensation you receive will be listed in your contract with us.

Freedom’s 25-year production guarantee enables you to go solar with confidence

Imagine buying a solar system that doesn’t have a production guarantee. If that system broke down, and you weren’t made aware of it, you would likely only discover the problem from your next utility bill. That bill would likely be much higher than expected! That’s why you can go solar with confidence with Freedom Forever. All you have to do is wisely manage your power usage and you can maximize your solar savings. Keeping your system operating at its best is on us.

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