How trees fight climate change

April 28, 2021 | 2min read

Planting and conserving trees may be the key to fighting climate change. Not only do trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, but they help with water conservation. They help keep our environment cool and protect our wildlife. In honor of Arbor Day, we want to celebrate the silent warriors fighting in the front lines of the climate crisis. Here is just a bit of what they do for us!

Trees help with water conservation

Trees have a vital role in the water cycle. When trees help with evaporation, they promote more rain. Clearing forests not only reduces oxygen levels but can actually cause droughts. When it rains, trees help reduce surface flow. They catch the water and allow it to penetrate deeper into the soil. Some water may be stored in their roots for later use. Larger trees, such as oaks, are able to store so much water that they can survive long seasons of no rain.  During the day, tree shade helps preserve soil moisture. Trees will release any excess water into the atmosphere, further increasing the cooling effect and reducing heat build up. Did you know that it is good practice to water your plants near trees to save water?

Trees fight climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide

Excess carbon dioxide is a key contributor to climate change. The heat-trapping gas is released through human activities. Of course, we should try to reduce our carbon emissions, but trees can help absorb excess and replace it with fresh oxygen. A mature tree can actually absorb 48 lbs of carbon dioxide per year! An acre of a forest can absorb twice the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the average car per year. In fact, worldwide tree planting may be a viable solution to tackling the climate crisis. 

Trees protect wildlife

Many animals use trees for food, shelter, and reproduction. Trees are critical to supporting wildlife and increasing biodiversity. Fruits, leaves, flowers, buds, and the entire tree can be used by different species. Rainforests are particularly home to many species. When deforestation takes place, small and large animals are left without a home. Many of them die trying to find new shelter and food. We must protect our forests and protected lands. It is important for us and for our flora and fauna. 

Let’s plant trees for Arbor Day!

Freedom Forever is celebrating Arbor Day by planting trees! In the name of our employees who help fight climate change every day, we are making a donation to an environmental non-profit that plants trees across the nation. Happy Arbor Day!

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