Top 5 advantages of home batteries

May 20, 2021 | 4min read

Home batteries can provide power when you most need it. Your need might arise due to a blackout, or you may simply wish to avoid high peak time-of-use rates. Home batteries can also help you save money if your utility rates spike as they did in Texas last winter. And finally, one of the best things about home batteries is that they enable you to store and use more of the electricity that your home solar system generates.

Home batteries provide power during blackouts

In recent years, some states such as Texas, Florida, and California have struggled with blackouts. In some of these states, those blackouts have been extended situations that last for days. The author of this article has friends in Ramona, California that were hit with blackouts that lasted a week in the summer of 2020.

Home batteries can keep the power flowing, even in an extended blackout. The batteries allow you to draw power from your solar panels during the day even while your system is charging your batteries. Because of that, your batteries get a fresh charge every day during an extended blackout.

Avoid high time-of-use rates

Many utility companies are switching to time-of-use (TOU) billing. Under a TOU rate plan, the utility company charges you expensive peak rates during certain hours of the day. Those hours are typically in the evenings after your solar has stopped producing electricity. Home batteries can power your home during those expensive peak rate hours. This means that your home is powered by your solar system during the day and then it’s powered by your batteries in the evening. That can enable you to rely on power from the grid only at night, mostly after bedtime when your use of electricity is reduced. Smart management of your use of power when you have batteries can significantly reduce your need to draw power from the grid.

Beat high demand rates

Some utility companies in states like Texas increase their rates during times of high demand. Texans in particular found out how high rates could go during the 2021 winter blackout in Texas. Homeowners found themselves slammed with utility bills that ran into the thousands of dollars. Home batteries can help reduce your exposure to rate hikes by reducing your overall demand for electricity from the grid. High-demand periods often also include rolling blackouts because the grid simply can’t keep up with demand. Home batteries can help you keep the power flowing and beat those sudden price spikes when they happen.

Home batteries can supply lifesaving power

Sometimes, your need for electricity can be a matter of life and death. Homes with medical equipment are a perfect example. Many home medical devices have some battery backup built-in that can supply power for a few hours. But if you get hit with an extended blackout, those critical systems will lose power. Home batteries can keep that lifesaving power flowing.

Batteries can supply independence, whether you are connected to the grid or not

Nobody can predict for certain where utility rates will go in the future, but like the price of gas, utility rates can rise as time goes on. Home batteries can make your energy future more predictable and provide you with a measure of independence, even if you remain connected to the grid! If you install enough solar power and enough battery capacity to provide 100% of your electricity needs, you’d get what’s known as a minimum bill from your utility company. A minimum bill contains only the fees that your utility charges to keep you connected to the grid. You can think of it as the fee you pay for keeping the grid as your backup power source.

Freedom Forever installs home batteries

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