Gadgets for climate change

These gadgets could help fight climate change

April 23, 2021 | 2min read

Who doesn’t love fun gadgets, especially if they help conserve energy and fight climate change! Here are some fun home gadgets that you may want to pick up this year. They are good for the environment and could save you money. Keep reading for a chance to win these!

Nest Learning Thermostat + 3pk of Temperature Sensors

This programmable smart thermostat is immensely popular! It learns your schedule and the temperatures you like and programs itself to help you save energy and stay comfortable. You can also add temperature sensors and your smart thermostat will customize your temperature to every room. The Nest thermostat claims to save an average of $131-$145 a year. That means it could pay for itself in under two years. Learn more about how smart thermostats help the environment

Smart Plug Wifi outlets

Smart plugs are a small investment that really upgrades your home. Simply plug your home appliances, lighting, or devices and you can control your them from anywhere, anytime. You no longer have to worry about leaving an appliance on! You can simply turn it off from your phone, wherever you are. 

Solgaard Lifepack Backpack

The Lifepack is a solar powered, anti-theft backpack, perfect for travel, commuting, or the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re hiking in the woods, relaxing on the beach, or traveling the globe, Lifepack can charge your phone or any other gadgets on-the-go. Equipped with solar panel technology, this solar backpack makes sure you are always running on the sun. 

Solar Speaker & Phone Charger

No power outlet? No Problem! This designer speaker combines the natural beauty of sustainable bamboo with the energy efficiency of mono crystalline solar panels. As long as you have access to the sun, you can keep your music on and charge your phone on the go. It’s beautiful and sustainable!

Win these eco-friendly gadgets!

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