The Freedom Forever installation process

December 5, 2023 | 4min read

Freedom Forever strives to be the best and the fastest solar installer in the industry. We also keep you in-the-know during your solar installation process with our customer portal. The portal is your window into the solar installation process. Through it, you can see the progress of your installation and ask any questions you have. On average in California, we often get solar systems installed plus up-and-running in 21 days. It can, however, take longer in some scenarios.

The Freedom Forever installation process begins the moment you sign your contract

As soon as you sign your contract with us to go solar, the first step of your solar installation process will be scheduled. That step is an inspection of your roof and home electrical connection to the grid called a site survey. The audit provides Freedom Forever with the information we need to plan your system.

Faster scheduling: Other installation companies may make you wait to schedule that survey. That can add a few days to your installation process. We schedule it as soon as you sign your contract so we can give you the fastest installation we can.

Your customer portal

When you sign up to go solar with us, we send you a link to set up your access to your Freedom Forever customer portal. In the portal, you’ll be kept up to date on the progress of your installation. If you have any questions, ask them in your portal. We’re here to keep you fully informed.

Learn more about the Freedom Forever Customer Portal

The site survey

A Freedom Forever site surveyor will come to your home and conduct your site audit. We will notify you if you need to be at home during the survey, as we will need access to your roof and the location of your electric meter. The surveyor will gather the necessary information to design your solar power system.

Permits to build your solar system

Once your solar system’s plans are complete, then Freedom Forever will apply to your local municipality for the necessary permits to build your system. You won’t need to do anything during the permitting phase, we take care of everything.

The big day: System installation

Once plans for your solar install have been approved, it’s time to install the system. You’ll be notified if we need you home during the installation as we will need access to your roof, electrical meter, and electrical panel. Freedom Forever normally takes only a day or two to install your system.

System Inspection

Once your system is fully installed and ready for inspection, we then contact your local municipality to schedule an inspection. The inspector checks to see if everything is up to code. A Freedom Forever representative will be present during the inspection in select cases. If there is anything the inspector wants to be changed, we will work to action those promptly and reschedule for another inspection if needed. We will notify you if you need to be home for the inspection as we need to make sure that the inspector has access to the outside of your house so they can inspect your solar system. 

Congratulations: Permission to operate (PTO)

After your system passes inspection, it typically takes a few weeks to receive permission to operate (PTO) from your local utility company. Similar to your inspection, timelines can vary based on your utility company, should they have a backlog. Once we get PTO, we will switch your system on for you. Congratulations! You are now generating your own power from the sun!  

After PTO: We’re there for you for a full 25 years

Monitoring your system

After your system is switched on you will receive an email from Freedom Forever within 1-2 business days with a link to download the software that you will use to monitor your system’s performance. Your monitoring software will show you how much power your system is producing and a few other things as well. 

What should you do if there is a problem with your system’s performance?

Usually, you don’t have to do anything! Freedom Forever supports your system for 25 years. Also, you’ll be able to monitor any performance shortfalls and notify us to fix the problem. If the shortfall happened due to something that was our fault, then we’ll compensate you for the lost power production. The amount of compensation will be written into your Freedom Forever contract. That’s the Freedom Forever 25-year performance guarantee!

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