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Why do solar panels love spring

March 19, 2021 | 3min read

Today is the first day of spring, a day many have been waiting for. But you aren’t the only one excited about spring, so are your solar panels! Although your solar system produces energy year-round, the warmer months March-September is a prime time for your panels. Not only are the days longer, but there is more sunshine to go around. You may even see additional benefits if your utility offers net metering. 

Longer daylight hours

We recently set our clocks forward, adding an extra hour of sunlight to our days. We are all excited for longer days to get outside, be more productive, and soak up the sun! Solar homeowners are particularly excited because this can help increase their annual production and solar offset. Solar production varies by season, but your average annual production is what matters most. In winter, you can expect your system’s output to be lower, but in the spring and summer, you can make up the difference. If you get a true-up bill at the end of your 12-month billing cycle, you’ll learn your offset and potentially get some money back from your utility. Now that it is Spring, your panels will begin to offset the energy you pulled from the grid in winter. Spring and Summer give you the longest peak hours of solar production. It’s simple really! Your panels work best at converting energy when sun rays shine directly at them. The more sun you have access to, the longer your panels work during the day. By sending more energy to the grid than you consume, you may be able to benefit from net metering. 

A great time for net metering 

Net metering is a great incentive that allows you to sell your energy back to your utility. Any energy you don’t use can be sent back to the grid. This can help your energy offset when you do pull energy from the grid at night. The more energy you produce, the more excess you may be able to send back to the grid. Some net metering programs allow for one-to-one credits while others pay a set tariff. Some utilities allow you to roll over and receive a check at the end of the 12-month period. Talk to your dealer about what options are available for you. Even a tariff can help you save on your monthly energy bill.

What about spring showers?

Spring showers may bring beautiful blooms, but what do they do to your production? Nothing really! Your solar panels will continue to produce in the rain. Solar panels will work with reflected or partially blocked sun rays to keep your home powered. Rain may have some effect on your production, but the rays will still penetrate through the rain. It may actually help keep your panels working efficiently as they wash away any dust or dirt.  If you do have a reduction in solar production, this will surely be offset in summer.

Go solar this spring to prepare for summer

As much as solar panels love spring, their favorite season is the summer. Your system actually produces the most power between March and September because the sun shines longer on those days. This extra production in the summer is what helps your annual offset the most. To get the most out of your system, we recommend going solar as soon as possible, and spring really is a great time to start!  Be prepared for the prime summer months by starting your solar journey now.

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