Does it make sense to go solar in Nevada

May 24, 2021 | 2min read

Nevada is one of the sunniest states in America. Thanks to all that sun and state incentives, solar makes a lot of sense in Nevada. Nevada’s Solar Energy Systems Incentive Program requires public utilities to offer rebates to their customers who install qualifying solar energy systems on their property. Among the benefits of solar available in Nevada are property tax exemptions, net-metering programs, and renewable energy generation credits.

Nevada Net Metering for home solar

Net metering. Home solar power systems that produce up to 1MW are eligible for net metering unless those systems produce more than 150% of their peak demand. If your system produces more electricity than you consume in a billing-month month, you will receive a credit on your next bill. These credits have no expiration. Net metering in Nevada operates in a Tier system. The current Tier in 2021 is Tier 4 which gives you 75% of the retail rate.

Nevada energy efficiency incentive programs

In addition to net metering, Nevada utilities provide incentives for energy efficiency home improvements. Those incentives can vary according to the Nevada utility that serves the home. Nevada Energy offers the Powershift energy conservation program. Southwest Gas offers energy efficiency incentive programs that vary by the state you live in.

Powershift energy conservation program. The Powershift program offers incentives for appliances, free smart home thermostats with free professional installation, LED bulbs and even free home energy assessments. This program is available to Northern and Southern Nevada Energy customers. 

Freedom Forever is ready to help you go solar in Nevada

When you’re ready to go solar in Nevada, Freedom Forever can connect you with one of our independent authorized dealers. Your Freedom dealer can help you figure out the perfect solar power system for your needs. Plus, you’ll get our 25-year Production Guarantee. Based on the terms and conditions of your contract with us, we compensate you if your system’s energy production falls short due to something that was our fault. With our guarantee, you get 25 years of guaranteed energy production that can really deliver savings that add up.

Important tax disclosure:

You should contact a qualified tax expert and consult with them. Neither Freedom Forever’s family of independent authorized dealers nor Freedom Forever itself can give you tax advice. A qualified tax professional will understand your situation and be able to give you the most relevant advice.

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