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Does solar make sense in Rhode Island

May 21, 2021 | 3min read

Many Rhode Island homeowners are interested in learning more about renewable energy options that can 1) reduce their energy bills, and 2) make a positive sustainability impact. These homeowners want to know if solar makes sense in Rhode Island, or if it’s a change that isn’t yet worth the cost and effort.

Here’s what you need to know to help decide whether solar power is right for you.

Solar Pricing Benefits and Incentives

Pricing is an incredibly important consideration for homeowners who are considering making the switch to solar.

The good news is that Rhode Island solar power customers are eligible for several types of pricing and incentive benefits provided by the state. These programs can significantly reduce the cost of solar installation, monthly energy bills, and property taxes for RI solar power customers:

  • Sales tax exemption for renewable energy products, which includes all equipment and components in a solar energy installation
  • Property tax exemption for renewable energy resources, including solar systems and equipment used in residential installations
  • Net metering provides a credit for power generated by solar energy systems subject to the utility’s calculations.
  • Renewable Energy Fund (REF) is a limited availability program that helps fund solar deployments, including for small scale projects that include single homes

Some previous solar power programs have expired, while new ones are being explored at the city, township, and state level. There are also additional federal benefits and credits that may apply.  Check with your independent authorized dealer to learn which programs you might be eligible for and the benefits you can expect.

Rhode Island’s Solar Suitability

Wet summers and snowy winters may appear to put a damper on solar energy expectations for Rhode Island homeowners, however, the local solar power market is very strong. Rhode Island is a very suitable location for efficient solar power generation: the state averages 5 kWh of solar energy per square yard, which is more than Germany (a world leader for solar) and much of Hawaii (a fun-in-the-sun destination).

Total solar power potential for the state significantly exceeds its total electric energy needs, so there’s more than enough potential for a solar installation to greatly reduce (or even offset your residential energy bill.

Environmental and Sustainability Benefits of Solar Power

The sun provides a limitless source of clean, renewable energy that can reduce the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. That means solar power for homes:

  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Shrinks your carbon footprint
  • Decreases costly dependency on fossil fuels
  • Improves health outcomes through decreased emissions

The State of Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources calculates that “An average residential rooftop solar PV system of 5 kW can offset approximately 2 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, roughly equivalent to taking a half of a car off the road.”

Getting rid of two tons of CO2 and half a car annually is a GREAT way to be part of a sustainability solution that will pay huge dividends now and well into the future!

Learn More About Your Rhode Island Solar Power Options

The final verdict: Solar makes sense in Rhode Island, and thousands of homeowners are already making the switch. Contact Freedom Forever today and our team will share more information about your options and the specific benefits in energy cost savings that solar can deliver, or begin with a FREE quote for service. We’re excited to be your partner on your solar journey.

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