Does solar make sense in Connecticut

May 19, 2021 | 3min read

Connecticut is a welcoming state for residential solar energy. Despite the appearance of uncooperative local weather, there’s actually more than enough sunlight available throughout the year to power the average (or larger!) home.

Solar makes sense in Connecticut based on three benefits that appeal to homeowners: 1) cheaper energy bills, 2) generous tax credits, and 3) the opportunity to support a cleaner, healthier environment. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know when deciding whether to change to solar power for your Connecticut home.

Enjoy Pricing Benefits and Incentives as a Connecticut Residential Solar Power Customer

Here are the ways that make solar make sense in Connecticut. Homeowners in Connecticut can benefit from:

·  Connecticut net metering credits you for the extra electricity your system produces and allows you to use those credits when your system doesn’t generate enough power to meet your needs.

·  Energy Conservation Loan Program is a state incentive that offers low-interest loans for solar installations, up to $25,000 at a rate of 0-6%.

·  Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Solar and Geothermal Systems erases any sales tax for the purchase of a solar system.

·  Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems eliminates any additional property tax that would accrue from the increased value of your home based on solar installation.

·  Federal solar tax credit* (also called Investment Tax Credit) pays you back for going solar: you earn a deduction of 26% of the cost of your solar installation from your federal tax bill.

More incentive plans are under discussion in many jurisdictions. Consult with your solar power dealer to learn about ways you can save money by going solar in Connecticut.

Is Solar Worth It in Connecticut?

Switching to solar power is worth it for most Connecticut homeowners. As a whole, locations in Connecticut average 1,400+ hours of usable sunlight per year: that means a 5-7 kW solar installation will likely cover your entire annual electricity usage.

While Connecticut doesn’t get as much average sunlight as Arizona or New Mexico, it receives more than enough to make a residential solar system a valuable investment. Shading, solar panel angle, and panel orientation are much more important factors for electricity generation, and these can be optimized by your installer.

Solar Power Is Making Sustainable Energy Possible

Connecticut is part of a nationwide effort to replace traditional electrical power generation with more sustainable methods. Solar power is receiving support from the state’s leadership, as evidenced by the incentives and tax benefits above.

Solar power is a preferred choice because it is a path toward a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. Every new residential solar power system is helping homeowners to:

·  Reduce local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

·  Shrink their carbon footprint

·  Decrease fossil fuel dependence

·  Support reduced local emissions and improved community health

These environmental benefits can’t be ignored, and they’re another reason that making the switch to solar is so popular in Connecticut.

Invest in Solar Power to Save Money

Many Connecticut homeowners have already made the switch to solar, and they’re reaping the benefits of incentives and tax breaks. Contact Freedom Forever today if you’d like to learn more about your options for a solar power installation, including a FREE quote for service.

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*You should contact a qualified tax expert and consult with them. Neither Freedom Forever’s family of independent authorized dealers nor Freedom Forever itself can give you tax advice. A qualified tax professional will understand your situation and be able to give you the most relevant advice.