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How smart thermostats may help conserve energy

April 26, 2021 | 3min read

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular because of their potential energy savings. Heating and cooling your home can get pricey, especially if your utility charges time of use (TOU) rates or if they base their rates around supply and demand. A smart thermostat can help implement energy-saving techniques, such as learning your temperature preferences and detecting when you are not home. 

How does a smart thermostat work?

A smart thermostat is a major upgrade from the traditional, non-programmable thermostat we are all familiar with. The key advantage to the smart device is that you can program it to your schedule and save money by using its different features. Smart thermostats typically connect to the internet and even to other smart devices. They sometimes incorporate learning algorithms to determine the best energy-saving schedule for your home. They keep your temperature as low as possible while you are home and conserve while you are away. 

Customized features may help you save money 

Adaptive timers and room specific settings are key features that can help you conserve energy and save money each month. If you pair your smart thermostat with temperature sensors, you can have customized settings for each room. You can set a temperature schedule and control your system right from your phone. Many smart thermostats also take note of how many times you adjust their temperature. They get to know your preferences and eventually adjust so you don’t have to! According to Nest, a popular smart thermostat, 44 percent of the average home electricity bill comes from heating and cooling your home. Smart thermostat features can help you reduce your bill and increase your savings each month; they just make your life easier. 

Smart thermostats can help maximize your solar system 

If you already have solar, congratulations! You are likely already conserving energy and saving on your energy bill. A smart thermostat, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, can help maximize your savings by implementing energy-saving solutions for your daily habits. This thermostat studies your temperature habits and adjusts your home accordingly. Perhaps you like your home warmer in the morning, and cooler while you sleep. Your thermostat will ensure temperature changes are as energy-efficient as possible.  Even more importantly, the Nest Learning thermostat can help you keep a closer eye on your energy usage. Combine this with monitoring your system’s energy output and you can take your energy consumption into your own hands. This handy tool just makes sense for homes that are already producing clean energy. 

Win your own Smart Thermostat!

In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Freedom Forever is giving away a Nest Learning Thermostat, paired with a temperature sensor 3pk, and other eco-friendly goodies! Entering this contest is simple, just go to our giveaway page for more information.*  If you can’t wait to win, you can also purchase your own smart thermostat for your home. Good news! Some utility companies may offer rebates when you purchase a smart thermostat. Saving the Earth is simple and starts at home. 

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