Take action: Extend the federal tax credit for solar

July 18, 2019 | 3min read

Update: As of 16 August 2022 the federal tax credit for solar has been extended. The federal tax credit is now 30% and is locked in for the next 10 years.

The federal tax credit for solar power began phasing out in 2020, but it has been extended until 2024. For solar systems that have begun construction, the credit will fall from 26% to 22% on December 31st, 2023. The Solar Energy Industry Alliance (SEIA) fought to extend it. They lead a national coalition that involved strategic lobbying, public engagement, advertising, press, and social media outreach. As a result, the ITC was extended. There is more that needs to be done. The SEIA needs your help. Please consider joining the campaign to extend the federal tax credit for solar at the link below.

Join the campaign to extend the federal tax credit for solar:  www.seia.org

The federal tax credit for solar, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has played a vital role in creating over 200K jobs and 140 billion in investments since it was enacted. The SEIA considers it to be one of the most successful clean energy tax policies ever implemented.

#DefendTheITC Campaign

The campaign kicked off by sending this letter to Congress. It was signed by over 1000 solar power companies including Freedom Forever. The letter references the number of jobs solar energy has produced, the amount of investment it’s spurred, and the savings consumers have received. The solar energy market has grown by an average of 52% per year since the ITC was enacted in 2005. Solar is also credited with reducing carbon emissions by 73.3 million metric tonnes per year.

SEIA has a successful history defending the federal tax credit

The SEIA was successful in 2007, 2008, and 2015 and again in 2020. That success has been critical to solar energy’s growth in America. There are a few different ways to get involved. If you represent an interested advocacy organization, you can join the coalition of groups working with the SEIA. Solar power companies can submit testimonials on how the tax credit has benefitted their business. A company can also join the SEIA and network with other companies or even connect with SEIA experts to influence decision-making within the organization. People interested in supporting solar power can join SEIA’s Solar Power Advocacy Network. As part of that network, you’ll have opportunities to reach out to decision-makers and tell them why they should support solar power.

Freedom Forever supports #DefendTheITC

The SEIA is an industry organization that does important work in advocacy for solar. Fossil fuel companies have lobbyists to fight for their interests. The SEIA fights for the rights of companies in the solar power sector and citizens that have chosen to go solar. Incentives like the federal tax credit for solar play a very important part in accelerating the adoption of solar energy. Freedom Forever chooses to do our part by supporting the SEIA and the #DefendTheITC Campaign. We invite you to take part as well.

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