Unexpected ways to help save the planet

August 12, 2019 | 2min read

You might know about different ways to help the environment from recycling to cutting straws out of your morning iced caramel double foam venti macchiato extravaganza. But what about unexpected ways to help the planet like tracking your trash or using apps to build your planetary aid efforts?

Check out these unique ways to help keep the planet clean right now and for generations to come. 

Make a meal plan

There are several benefits for planning out your meals that improve personal health, financial health, and earth health.  

  • Reduce impulsive eating 
  • Decrease the chances of using plastic from stores/restaurants
  • Saves you money by planning out your grocery list
  • Less driving which in turn reduces your carbon footprint

Learn to repair rather than throw away

It may seem daunting to repair your own items when they break, especially if you don’t consider yourself particularly handy. Luckily we live in a world where content is uploaded to the internet every day on how to repair almost anything. So, if something breaks in your home, it’s very likely that the solution to fixing it is just a google search away. This might not be the solution to every broken item but it definitely reduces the amount of waste by not having to replace everything. 

Replace your electric bill for a solar bill

Switching to renewable energy for your home might be obvious, but a less known tip might be choosing the right installation company. One thing to spot is what kind of guarantee your solar installer has. Freedom Forever, for example, has a unique 25-year production guarantee that ensures you generate the amount of power they promise you will for a full 25 years.

Switching to solar with a good guarantee attached not only helps the environment. It also helps protect your finances if your system produces less power than promised.  

Use your smartphone

In the search for better ways to help the environment, one unexpected source might be right in front of you. There are tons of smartphone applications out there that help improve the environment from recycling tips to tracking your carbon footprint. Check out a few different apps that could help keep your planet clean. 

GoodGuide Helps you find green, healthy, safe, ethical products to buy. 

JouleBug Provides tips on how to build more sustainable habits in your everyday life. 

Ecosia A search engine that turns ad dollars into planted trees!

OroecoAn app that helps you track your carbon footprint along with saving money and inspiring others. 

Whether widely known or unexpected, there are tons of ways to help keep the planet cleaner. New methods are made easier every day to fit your busy lifestyle and even improve your lifestyle.