How net metering in Pennsylvania works

December 15, 2020 | 2min read

Pennsylvania residents who receive net metering get a one-to-one credit for every kilowatt-hour of electricity that their system supplies to the grid. However, some Pennsylvania retail electric suppliers don’t offer net metering to their customers. Those companies only compensate you for electricity supplied to them at their export rate, which pays a lot less than net metering pays. If you are a solar system owner in Pennsylvania, Freedom Forever recommends that you switch back to your primary utility company at least until that retail electric supplier offers net metering.

Which utilities offer net metering in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law requires investor-owned utilities to offer net metering to their residential customers. The maximum system capacity allowed for residential customers is 50 kilowatts. The average residential system size in Pennsylvania is 9 – 10 kilowatts. The customer must also consume electricity on the premises. Utilities that are investor-owned in Pennsylvania include:

  • Citizens Electric
  • Metropolitan Edison
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • Pennsylvania Power
  • PECO Energy
  • Pike County Light and Power
  • UGI Utilities
  • Wellsborough Electric
  • West Penn Power

If you are with any of those above utilities you receive net metering compensation. The way net metering works is that if you supplied more power to the grid than you consumed, you are credited at the end of the year for the electricity you supplied. 

How can I find out if my retail electric provider offers net metering?

The best way to find out if your retail electric supplier offers net metering in Pennsylvania is to call them or visit their website. Alternatively, you can search PA PowerSwitch the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s official electric shopping website to find out. The page has a box where you can check “net metering” and the site will provide you with a list of utilities in Pennsylvania that offer net metering. 

Philadelphia solar rebate

If you live in Philadelphia, you may also qualify for that city’s home solar rebate. Currently, the program is closed due to COVID-related budget cuts. You can still submit an application for the program and get put on a waiting list for when program funding is restored. The rebate pays a one-time incentive of $0.20 per watt of installed system size.

Going solar in Pennsylvania with Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever and our family of independent authorized dealers can help you get the most out of going solar in Pennsylvania. We can help you choose an electric provider that offers net metering and help you with Philadelphia’s solar rebate. Best of all, you get 25 years of guaranteed solar power production with our 25-year performance guarantee.

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