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Lessons from female leaders in the Solar Industry

March 8, 2021 | 3min read

Today is International Women’s Day, so we want to celebrate female leaders in the solar industry and share a bit of their knowledge. Leadership is not about big power displays, it is about being intentional every day to inspire others, foster innovation, and be there for your team. There is much to learn from our fearless female leaders on this day. 

To lead you must inspire

Leadership is not about telling others what to do, it is about inspiring them to fight with you for what is right. By having a focused goal and taking intentional steps, you inspire others to follow and support you. Bernadette del Chiaro, Executive Director for California Solar Storage Association (CALSSA) has built the association into the largest business group in California. She is paving a path for the future of solar energy. Bernadette has dedicated her career to clean energy initiatives such as the expansion of net metering and the streamlining of solar permitting. Christine (Tina) Leota, Freedom Forever Crew Lead for the Royals crew out of North Phoenix is also a prime example of inspirational leadership. She inspires her crew every day to be their best and keep pushing. Empowering your team will help them dream bigger and will make your business thrive.

“We create our realities in this world, so why be predictable” 

– Tina Leota, Freedom Forever Crew Lead

Enable innovation

To be a leader, you must think outside the box and help your team do so as well. Creating an innovation culture will not only help your business grow, but it will build a purpose. Lynn Jurich, co-founder, and CEO of Sunrun has worked tirelessly to change the consumer energy system. She advocates for on-the-ground innovation, solar companies should look toward maximizing the value of batteries and how systems can complement existing power plants. Our new partnership with Sunrun is a result of this innovation culture. Both of our companies share the belief that it’s critical to move American homes towards smart, local, renewable energy as quickly, affordably, and efficiently as possible. The expanded partnership with Freedom Forever will expand Sunrun’s footprint in existing markets, with plans to enter new markets together in the future.

Keep a positive attitude

It is easier said than done, but maintaining a positive attitude can help your team be more confident and collaborative. As a leader, your attitude can directly impact your team and change the work’s atmosphere. Tracy Siemon, Freedom Forever Permit and Inspections Manager at our Chicago branch knows the importance of focusing on her team’s potential. She insists there is always something to praise and be excited about! Of course positivity isn’t just about being happy all day; Tracy believes it leads to respect and appreciation of your team. Sally Allen, Freedom Forever Fleet Manager at our Temecula Branch also leads by positivity and appreciation, but it means something different to her. She believes it goes hand in hand with inclusion. Making everyone’s voice count is key to Sally. To her, feeling included is a way to ensure your team feels appreciated. When your team feels appreciated, they want to succeed, not just for the company, but for themselves. 

“There is always something to be proud or excited about to stay positive and in a good healthy mindset…Go after your goals, speak with people you admire and have those conversations that help you develop and grow.” 

-Tracy Siemon, Freedom Forever Permit and Inspections Manager

We pride ourselves on our female leaders in the solar industry

Freedom Forever is proud to work and partner with these successful leaders. We recognize there is a lack of female leadership in the solar industry, but we want to change that. Diversity is one of our core values and one of our biggest strengths. Our leadership includes talented female leaders who inspire us every day. We pride ourselves on attracting talented individuals who believe in our mission. If you would like to join the Freedom Forever team and lead or learn from some of our leaders, explore current positions

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