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How to keep animals from nesting under your solar system

February 5, 2021 | 2min read

If you have animals under your solar panels or are concerned about animals getting under your solar system, there is an easy fix. You can have “critter guards” installed along the edges of your solar system that will keep animals from going under it. Installing critter guards will also help if you tend to get a lot of leaves building up under your solar panels in the fall.

Critter guards look like high-quality chicken wire

Critter guards come in a roll about 100 feet long that looks like a thicker version of chicken wire. When installed, the critter guard won’t substantially change the look of your solar system. You’ll also need special clips to attach the critter guard to your solar panels. Obviously, installing critter guards means going up on your roof. If you aren’t comfortable working up on your roof, you can have critter guards professionally installed.

Critter guards keep squirrels from nesting under your system

Squirrels can cause problems with your solar system if they nest underneath it. They may gnaw the system’s wiring which would then lead to an electrical malfunction. Squirrels can cause enough damage to cause your system to stop working. If you see squirrels on your roof, it’s a good idea to install critter guards as soon as possible. If there are already animals nesting under your solar panels, you should call a humane animal removal service to have them removed. Trying to remove wild animals by yourself is dangerous and could result in injury.

Prevent the buildup of flammable material under your system

Your solar system will be on your roof for 25 years or even longer. In all that time, it would be very easy for dried leaves to build up under your system. Critter guards prevent that buildup. If you need to clear your gutters of leaves and other debris at least once a year, installing a critter guard around your solar system is a good idea.

Does Freedom Forever install critter guards?

Freedom Forever doesn’t install critter guards ourselves, instead, we use local subcontractors in your area to install it. Keep in mind that your 25-year performance guarantee does not cover damage caused by wildlife. Our guarantee covers defects in your system that cause a failure or a reduction of electricity production from an installation defect that was our fault. Freedom Forever recommends installing a critter guard if you suspect that animals may be or are nesting under your system to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

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