Is there a limit to how many solar panels you can have

July 6, 2020 | 3min read

No, there is no limit to the number of solar panels you can have. However, there may be a limit on how much power your system is allowed to generate. Some utility companies limit the amount of electricity that a grid-tied solar system can generate. But the amount of solar panels you can have is limited only by how much space you have to install them in.

How many solar panels should you have?

Your solar system should generate enough electricity to cover your monthly electricity needs. Of course, your solar system doesn’t generate electricity at night, so your system should be large enough to generate enough power during the day to cover your daytime electrical usage and supply enough power to the grid to compensate for your nighttime electricity usage.

Time-of-use billing complicates planning your solar system size

If you are on time-of-use (TOU) billing, then even having a large enough system to match your monthly electrical usage won’t cover the cost of the electricity you use from the grid. This is because, under TOU billing, electricity is more expensive during peak hours than it is during off-peak hours. If those peak hours are in the evening after your system stops generating power, then you’ll be paying the utility company for that usage. The cost of that evening usage can more than offset the value of the electricity that your system provides to the grid during the day because that power isn’t “worth” as much as electricity used in the evening under a TOU plan.

Home batteries may be a good investment under TOU billing

If you are on a TOU plan with high evening rates, then home batteries may be a smart move. The batteries can power your home during the high peak evening rates. They are then recharged during the day by your solar system. A solar system with batteries can also provide power to your home during blackouts. An ordinary grid-tied solar system does not provide power to your home during blackouts. Home batteries can even provide power to your home during extended blackouts like the ones that affected California last year.  Freedom Forever offer’s Tesla’s Powerwall. These batteries can power your entire home in a blackout.

Freedom Forever can design and build a system large enough to meet your needs

If you want a maximum-sized solar system with or without batteries, Freedom Forever can help. We take on big jobs that other installers might balk at. Plus, we guarantee that your system will generate the amount of power we say it will for 25 years. We monitor your system.  If your system ever breaks down or underproduces, we’ll notify you and come out and fix it. If the problem is due to something that was our fault, we’ll compensate you for the lost power production. The amount of compensation will be listed in your Freedom Forever contract. Worry-free power for 25 years, it’s that simple!

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