The Green Mountain Energy net metering program

May 11, 2020 | 2min read

Green Mountain Energy offers its Renewable Rewards net metering program to its Texas customers. The Renewable Rewards program is one of the most generous net metering programs offered in America. Solar system owners on the program get compensated for energy their systems generate at the same rate that Green Mountain charges them for electricity. Credits earned on the program are easily rolled over from month to month.

How Green Mountain’s net metering program works

To be eligible for the Renewable Rewards program, you must be a Texas customer. You will be enrolled in Green Mountain’s fixed-price rate plan. That means that the price you pay for power will not change during the time period of your contract term with Green Mountain. Once your contract expires, you will most likely receive a different rate if you sign up for another contract.

The program is open to customers with systems that have a rated capacity of up to 25 kilowatts. You must have an internet connection agreement with a local utility provider and have a separate meter installed that measures inflows and outflows of electricity to your home.

You have to be a customer of a local utility company because Green Mountain doesn’t provide the electrical transmission infrastructure that brings electricity to and from your home. Therefore you can expect to receive two utility bills. One from Green Mountain for the electricity you use and consume, and one from the power company that provides the transmission-line infrastructure that brings power to your home.

How energy credits are calculated in Green Mountain’s net metering program

The energy credits are calculated monthly. The credit is calculated this way:

Credit amount = (Rate in kilowatt-hours are charged x number of excess kilowatt-hours of power generated)

You will be paid for any kilowatt-hours of power you credited for at the end of every 12 month period that you are on the plan. If you use more power than you produce in that 12 month period, you will owe Green Mountain for that excess power consumption. Any power you consume from Green Mountain comes from 100% renewable sources. You can sign up for a 12, 24, or 36-month contract with Green Mountain Energy.

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