What you need to know about going solar in Colorado

February 20, 2020 | 2min read

The first thing you need to know when going solar in Colorado is which rate plan from your utility company is best for solar owners. Next, eligible solar system owners are able to sell Solar Renewable Energy Credits to their utility company. Another thing that’s good to know is whether it’s better to buy or lease your solar system. Lastly, the good news for solar owners in Colorado is that going solar doesn’t affect your property taxes.

Colorado net metering

When going solar in Colorado, one of the most important things to know about is Colorado’s net metering rules. You are allowed to own a system that generates up to 120% of your annual average electrical consumption. To ensure that the energy production of your system is measured accurately, your utility company is required to provide you with a bidirectional meter, free of charge.

Net excess generation (NEG)

Net excess generation (NEG) is the amount of electricity a solar system generated minus the amount of electricity the household used. If your solar system generates more electricity in a month than you use, that excess is applied as a credit on your next bill. At the end of the year, if you have excess bill credits, the utility company will send you a check for those credits.

Colorado Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)

The state of Colorado credits you one SREC for every one megawatt of power your system produces each year. The value of those SRECs varies, but they have been around $200 in the past. Colorado solar owners in the past have received around $1,000 per year based on a $200 SREC.

Colorado solar sales and property tax exemptions

When you go solar in Colorado, some municipalities do not require any sales tax on new solar systems. Certain localities also provide rebate options to qualified applicants on the sales tax paid. Your local Freedom Forever independent authorized dealer can tell you if your municipality exempts you from sales tax or offers rebates.

Go solar with confidence in Colorado with Freedom Forever

With Colorado’s net metering policy and state SRECs, going solar in Colorado is the smart choice. You can go solar with confidence thanks to Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee

Freedom Forever offers a unique solar production guarantee – on TOP of your system’s standard warranty! If your system produces less power than we say it will, you can get a check to cover the difference covered under our 25-year production guarantee!However, your actual savings will depend on your usage and electricity rates in your area.  You should carefully consider if the usage and rates shown in your proposal are appropriate.  

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