How to use the Freedom Forever customer portal

December 3, 2019 | 3min read

When installing solar, there are a lot of moving parts. Beyond the installation, the project could be on hold due to pending permits, city approval, or scheduled inspections. With all these moving parts, you can sometimes feel left in the dark. Freedom Forever gives you more transparency with the Customer Portal. This is a fully functioning dashboard that allows you to track the progress of your installation. On top of that, we send you regular email updates on where you are in the process. This helps you know what to expect and when.  

Learn more about the Freedom Forever Customer Portal

How to sign up for your customer portal

Let us take care of it! 

  • We’ll send you an email titled “Welcome to Freedom Forever!”
  • Click the link that says “Sign in”
  • Create an account with your email and password. 
  • Go back to the login page and you’re in!

What are the installation stages? 

Once you’re signed in to the customer portal, you’ll see what stage your solar installation project is in. The stages of a solar installation are:

  1. Site Survey – The first step is to get your home reviewed by our team to make sure you’re all ready for installation. One of our surveyors will come and inspect your roof, attic and electrical panel.
  2. System Design – Once your site audit is complete, our expert design team will begin planning your system. You’ll have the opportunity to review the plans for your new system once they are completed.
  3. Installation – When your installation is scheduled, your dashboard will show you are at the installation stage. We’ll also send you an email that includes the date and time of your installation.
  4. Inspection – Your system is now installed and you’re in the inspection stage. We’re now just waiting on the Authority Having Jurisdiction to come to inspect your new system to make sure it’s up to code. Once your system has been inspected, we will go ahead and report it to your utility company.
  5. Permission-to-Operate – Now that your system has been inspected, it’s just a matter of receiving final approval to turn on your solar system. When your system is granted PTO by local authorities, Freedom Forever will then advise you on how to turn on your system.
  6. Completion – Your system is now operational and you’ve officially gone solar. You should expect your new energy bill shortly. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of making the switch to solar!

During the installation process, we will send you notifications on any important milestones. However, you can always log in to the portal to look at past information, preview what’s to come, as well as review any of your important documents. 

The Freedom Forever 25-Year Production Guarantee

Your new Freedom Forever solar system is now operational. In most cases, Freedom Forever will go ahead and monitor your system’s energy output. And with our Freedom Forever 25-Year Production Guarantee, we guarantee that your solar power system will meet its promised production amount for 25 years.* We will even pay you for any shortfall from our fault. 

* Subject to the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Need help with your customer portal? Call us at 800-685-1850.