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What the next four years will look like for solar energy

January 22, 2021 | 3min read

Fresh from his inauguration, President Joe Biden made it clear that climate change would be one of his administration’s top priorities. One of his first official acts was to sign an executive order for the US to rejoin the Paris Agreement. The agreement is a legally-binding treaty on climate change intended to limit global warming to 2 degrees centigrade over pre-industrial levels. But that’s not all. Solar energy and residential solar power are poised to play a prominent role in his administration’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Residential solar power plays an important role in the Biden administrations energy plans

According to the Biden campaign’s website, President Biden intends to reduce the carbon footprint of US buildings by 50% with a target date of 2035. To reach that goal, the Biden administration will create incentives for appliance electrification, efficiency, and on-site clean power generation.

Appliance electrification will require gas-powered appliances to be replaced with electrical appliances. Every time you add an appliance, or an  EV, to a household’s electrical load, that home’s need for electricity increases. According to the Biden plan, much of that power is to come from on-site generation. The number one source of on-site generated electricity in homes is solar power.

Home batteries will also play an important role in appliance electrification. Batteries will provide the on-site power needed to power those appliances after the sun goes down. Given that Biden’s plan is to use incentives for appliance electrification and on-site power generation, the new administration will work to provide incentives for energy-efficient appliances, solar systems, and home batteries.

The Biden administration’s clean energy goals will create approximately 10 million new jobs

All of the new appliances, solar systems, and home batteries needed to meet the administration’s goals means that somebody has to manufacture those products, and someone has to install them. The Biden plan calls for the creation of 10 million new jobs to meet that demand. The plan states that these jobs will be good-paying middle-class jobs that will benefit workers across many industries.

Freedom Forever supports the Biden administrations’ climate goals

As one of the nation’s largest solar installers, Freedom Forever is ready to do its part to make the transition to renewable energy in the US a reality. In fact, many of those good-paying middle-class jobs promised in the Biden plan are already a reality at Freedom Forever. We are hiring all across the country and looking for hard-working, success-minded people to join our team. If you are interested in joining one of America’s fastest-growing companies and helping America win the fight against climate change, check out some of the jobs currently available at Freedom Forever. The link shows jobs close to Escondido, CA, be sure to change the location to the city you live in to see if we are hiring at a location near you!

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