Energy independence: The new American Revolution

July 2, 2019 | 3min read

Green is the new Red, White, and Blue

On a cool July morning, in 1776 in the small town of Concord, Massachusetts, a small group of farmers stood up to an empire and a new spirit was born. That spirit is American independence. Since then, America has always risen to the challenges that history has thrown at us. Today, a new challenge faces not just America, but the entire world. That challenge is to end our dependence on fossil fuels before they end us. On this July 4th, 2019, America must lead a new American Revolution, a revolution of energy independence.

Solar energy is American-made energy

Freedom cells. Going solar is as American as apple pie because solar energy is American-made energy. As a nation, we are stronger and more prosperous if we don’t depend on foreign oil. Energy independence means personal independence from high utility bills!

The future of energy in America is that power generation will happen closer and closer to home. New grid technology called microgrids is making this possible. When a community moves to microgrid power, that whole community becomes energy independent. Microgrid energy is produced when neighbors help neighbors, a true American tradition.

Freedom Forever is putting America to work

Winning the new American Revolution is going to take a lot of work. That work is being performed by hundreds of dedicated Freedom Forever employees all across the states that we do business in. As one of America’s fastest-growing privately-funded companies, we look forward to putting even more Americans to work as we grow!

Renewable energy makes America stronger, safer, and more prosperous

The Department of Defense (DoD) views petroleum-based energy as a vulnerability. In response to the vulnerability of petroleum-based energy, the DoD said the following in April of 2014: “The vulnerability of petroleum-based supplies continues to raise both risks and costs for DoD. However, DoD is becoming an important investor in new energy sources.”

One of those new energy sources is solar power. The US Marines, in particular, have been cited for their leadership in solar power. They consider solar power to be a vital part of maintaining mission readiness.

One of the reasons petroleum-based fuels are considered risky by the DoD is that some of our supplies come from overseas. Some of the nations it comes from, such as Iraq and Syria are not entirely stable.

Solar energy is American-made energy. It produces jobs, energy, and saves people money on electricity. It can also help prevent a repeat of the Oil Embargo. According to Electric Choice, solar saves an average of $44 – $187 per month. There are over 330 million people in the US. If everyone went solar, that save US consumers approximately  $176 billion to $741 billion per year!

LG Panels made in Alabama

Freedom Forever installs Alabama-made LG solar panels. Our LG solar cells put out 300 watts of power and have built-in microinverters. Microinverter technology makes LG solar cells among the most efficient and reliable solar panels you can buy. As a company, we choose made-in-USA whenever possible because we believe in American made products.

Freedom today, Freedom tomorrow, Freedom Forever through solar power

Freedom Forever is committed to being part of the new American Revolution. Just as America has faced the challenges of the past, we can and must overcome the challenges of the future. The largest challenge that our future contains is the need for energy independence. We are committed to American energy independence and freedom for all from high electric bills.

Happy Fourth of July from Freedom Forever and our family of independent authorized dealers.

Let us help you achieve energy independence.

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