5 ridiculous myths about solar power

November 21, 2019 | 3min read

There are a few truly ridiculous myths about solar power, things that it’s amazing that anyone believes. Here are five of our favorite myths about solar power from the ‘lighter’ side of solar power!

Myth #1: Solar power causes cancer

A retired school teacher in North Carolina stated at a city council meeting that she was concerned that solar power was causing cancer. She was also concerned that solar panels would interfere with photosynthesis in the fields they were to be installed in.

Fact: Solar power doesn’t cause cancer. It also doesn’t interfere with photosynthesis. Individual solar panels can block some sun from reaching the ground, but enough space can be provided between them to allow the sun to shine through if needed.

In fact, solar power has been shown to work very well with sustainable farming practices. It’s been shown that spreading solar panels 3 – 4 feet apart does not reduce the yield from many popular crops. Those panels can then provide emissions-free power to the farm.

Myth #2 Solar panels suck up all the energy from the sun

At that very same city council meeting, a man argued that solar farms would suck up all the energy from the sun. 

Fact: Solar panels don’t deprive the sun of energy. They passively absorb the energy that radiates from the sun. In fact, 

Myth #3 Solar power can only supply a fraction of our power needs

One of the most widely believed ridiculous myths about solar power is that there isn’t enough of it to power all of our needs. 

Fact: A 260 square kilometer area of Nevada would supply all the electricity needs of the US. Solar systems combined with grid-scale batteries are now cheaper sources of electricity than either coal or natural gas. There is definitely enough solar power to supply our needs.

Myth #4 Only warm and sunny regions of the country can benefit from solar power

A common and ridiculous myth about solar power is that you have to live in a sunny state to get any benefit from it. 

Fact: You can benefit from solar power in all 50 states, including Alaska. In fact, grid-supplied power in Alaska can be very expensive. For remote villages, the cost of electricity may be 8 times the national average!

Germany is another example of how well solar works in a northern location. In March of 2019, Germany generated 7.3% of its total energy needs from solar power alone.

Myth #5 A car can’t drive on the power of the sun alone

Despite all of the solar car races that happen every year, some people believe you can’t operate a car on the power of the sun alone.

Fact: A road-going car that can run on the power of the sun already exists. The Stella is the world’s first road-going solar-powered car. It can drive up to 500 miles from power drawn directly from its solar panels. More solar-powered cars are expected to hit the road in the coming years.

Solar panels and EVs are already harnessing the power of the sun for driving. In fact, the author of this article is one of the EV owners who does just that! Charging your car with free power from the sun can definitely reduce your cost of ownership.

Freedom Forever can help you separate the facts from the myths about solar power

There’s a lot of misinformation going around about solar power. Unfortunately, that misinformation could lead you into making the wrong choice about your energy needs. Freedom Forever is here to help. We are here to give you the facts about solar that can help you make a smart choice about your energy needs. If you’ve got questions we have answers, just give us a call.

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