We recently sat down with Gloria and Daniel Magana to talk about their solar experience. Freedom Forever obviously knows the benefits of going solar, but it’s so rewarding hearing about a customer’s positive experience and how solar is impacting their lives. 

Want to see Gloria and Daniel’s story? Watch the video below!

What made you switch to solar? 

GLORIA: “We had heard good reviews about it and we were more interested in saving money.”

What kind of hesitations did you have about going solar?

GLORIA: “We were afraid we were going to get hit with a double payment as far as paying for solar and paying for our electricity bill.” 

What convinced you it was a good decision? 

DANIEL: “We were convinced it was a good idea because we wanted to save more money and it was something we always wanted to do to our home.”

What have been some specific results of going solar so far?

GLORIA: “It puts more money in our pockets which is good cause I like to shop! *laughs*

It actually has helped us save toward getting a new washer and dryer which are energy efficient.”

DANIEL: “Before going solar, our utilities were really high. Now we don’t even worry about it.” 

GLORIA: “Because we went solar, we actually have more time for family activities like the zoo, going to the water park or just getting out and having fun in the sun.” 

What are some other ways going solar has affected your family?

DANIEL: “My dad was really concerned, asking if it’s worth it, how does it work? And I just said well, we don’t have an electric bill right now so…”

What would you tell someone who was thinking about going solar?

GLORIA: “Do it!”

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