Jeff and Kara are one of the first homeowners in their neighborhood to go solar. Their story is truly amazing. Most people switch to solar because of the potential savings. But, Jeff and Kara’s main motivation is to simply do their part to create a cleaner world. The idea of saving on their electric bill was just a bonus. It’s their desire to be an example for their friends and family and to improve the environment we call home.

Jeff: First of all, the process was awesome. It was seamless. I was informed the entire time. Permitting, the design of the system, when they showed up to start installing, I was informed every step of the way; including when they finished. After they finished and livened up the system, I went back there and they showed me how to power it up as I needed to. The communication was second to none. They were really good.

Kara: So, before we went solar, I’d only heard about the whole solar thing sort of on the west coast and on the east coast. It almost felt like they hadn’t made it to the midwest yet. So, when I saw an ad on Facebook I was like, “Wow! This is great! You know finally, we’re getting some exposure in the midwest.”

Jeff: When I first got interested in solar, I was on a trip up north in the U.P. where I hunt. I do a little outdoorsy stuff. And we have a neighbor next to the property where we’re at who were off the grid. What he was most proud of was those solar rays and how well they were functioning. So, all these construction guys were doing all this work here and he showed us this meter that showed that it was still charging the system. And all these guys are running saws and equipment and stuff and I was like, “That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.”

Kara: Our daughter goes to the University of Illinois and she got involved in environmental causes. So, we know a ton about environmental causes and we thought It’d be great to do even more.

Jeff: So, I’m a contractor. My first concern was structural cause we added onto this house and I wanted to make sure it was safe for the roof. How that would work if we re-roofed down the road; things like that. Those questions got answered pretty easily. That was really my only concern is the maintenance part and how it would be held together and how it works with snow. 

Kara: So, we have a super high bill; most specifically because of the way we added onto our house. So, our bill has been about $300 in the Summer. I was excited to save some money off of that cause that’s a steep bill.

Jeff: As far as saving money on our utilities, no, that wasn’t my primary concern. I think it’s really cool to be able to generate our own power, feedback to the system so to speak. So, the savings was a bonus for me.

Kara: If I had to tell my neighbors one thing about solar, I would tell them about the environmental changes and how we can all do our part. Again there’s just no reason not to do it.

Stories like Jeff and Kara’s make us so proud to help families across the nation go solar. It’s our mission to make sure homeowners have the best solar story possible.

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