At Freedom Forever, we pride ourselves on giving 5-star level service in everything we do. For us, it’s all about walking the talk and making sure that we’re holding true to that. From time to time, we make sure to sit down with our customers to get their feedback on our service and how solar has improved their lives.

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Most recently, we sat down with Nevada homeowner Frank Lugo. He was gracious enough to share his initial hesitations, his experience, the impact solar has had on his life and advice for anyone thinking of going solar. See how it went:

What were some fears/hesitations you had about going solar? 

“I had slight hesitations due to the laws with Nevada. I wasn’t sure if it made sense for my family.”

What convinced you that it was a good decision? 

“I read about a new law that moved net metering to be almost 100%.” (Net-metering = When you generate more energy than you use, you receive a credit from your utility company for feeding power to the grid.)

What has been your biggest benefit of going solar that you’ve personally seen? 

“To see my power bill as low as 12-20 dollars. I was definitely happy about that!”

What was your electric bill before you decided to go solar? 

“I was averaging about $168 a month. It was getting ridiculous.”

What did Freedom Forever do that you liked? 

“The communication they have with you. They sent me a notification every time they moved to the next step in the installation process. They were also really flexible. We have a  midcentury house and wanted our project to be handled in a specific way and Freedom did it the way we wanted our system to look and that’s one of the things I love about Freedom. I’m also Bilingual and I had someone with Freedom that was bilingual to explain some of the stuff I didn’t understand, perfectly.”

How has your life been impacted by having Freedom Forever as your solar installer?

“The whole process opened my eyes to everything that goes into installing solar. I was impressed by how fast and efficient Freedom Forever was. They installed everything within a day or two. Then by the 4th week, I received permission from the city to turn my system on. So, I was up and running in a month.”

What would you tell someone who is thinking about going solar? 

“I’d tell them not to wait so long to go solar. The laws in each state are changing every day to benefit solar owners. There are great savings. Plus, you are making a great investment for your house. It just makes sense.”

We want to thank Frank for taking the time to talk with us and allow us to continue giving the top-quality service that we strive for. 

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