• The Reyes: Our Freedom Story

    The Reyes: Our Freedom Story

    Unexpected power outages are part of daily life in Puerto Rico. When the Reyes received a power generator for their home, Freedom Forever helped them get their power from the sun! Since then, daily life has gone on as normal, just without the power outages. Los cortes de energía inesperados son parte de la vida…

  • The Martins: Our Freedom Story

    The Martins inherited their solar panels when they bought their house. But, with seven people living in their home, the existing panel and generator combo was just not cutting it. With Freedom Forever, they were able to add extra panels and a Tesla battery to their system. Now, they do not need to worry about…

  • The Picks: Our Freedom Story

    The Picks: Our Freedom Story

    When utility bills got too high, The Picks took the leap to go solar with Freedom Forever.