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Utilities like PG&E are lobbying the state of California to make it harder and more expensive for people to get solar. They are trying to gut a program called net metering, which lets solar users share their extra solar energy with their neighbors for a bill credit.

We need to make it easier for people to get solar, not harder. Rooftop solar gives everyday Californians the power to control their energy bills and keep the lights on. The Public Utilities Commission will make a decision on net metering on December 10, we must ensure that they see that California supports rooftop solar!

That’s why I’m writing you today to ask you to please sign a public comment to Governor Newsom to save solar in California!  If you care about climate change, clean energy, and energy democracy for all Californians please sign a public comment today!

It’s easy and only takes 30 seconds to sign here:

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Thank you!