Below is a list of electrical contractor & home improvement contractor licenses held by Freedom Forever. Contact us here for additional information.

Freedom Forever, LLC
State of California
C10 – Electrical; B – General Building Contractor; C39 – Roofing; C46 – Solar 1029644

Freedom Forever Arizona, LLC
State of Arizona
CR-11 Electrical ROC 319879

Freedom Forever Colorado, LLC
State of Colorado
Electrical Contractor EC.0101397
Master Electrician ME.0601313

City of Arvada
Electrical Contractor AEC7955

City of Aurora
General Building Contractor 2020 1784490 00 CL
Supervising Contractor 2019 159751200 SL

City of Brighton
Class D/E Contractor CL-13267

Town of Castle Rock
Electrical Contractor 19-3150

City and County Broomfield
General Contractor OL-20-13228
Electrical Contractor OL-20-13226

City of Commerce City
Electrical Contractor 5092

City of Dacono
Electrical Contractor 1407.1

City and County of Denver
Electrical Contractor LIC00248299

Douglas County (Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Parker, Lone Tree)
Electrical Contractor 190142
Class D Contractors 190143

City of Fort Lupton
Electrical Contractor CON-000052-2019

City of Northglenn
Electrical Contractor 19NGN-E-3389

City of Pueblo
Electrical Contractor 14279

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
Electrical Contractor 23393

County of Teller
Class D/AE (Alternative Energy) 28701D
Class EC 28701EC

City of Westminster
General Contractor GC: 1902083

City of Wheat Ridge
Electrical Contractor 190076

Freedom Forever Connecticut, LLC
State of Connecticut
Home Improvement Contractor HIC.0658962
Electrical Contractor ELC.0205093-E1

Freedom Forever Delaware, LLC
State of Delaware
Master Electrician T1-0016471

Freedom Forever Florida, LLC
State of Florida
Certified Electrical Contractor EC13008056

Freedom Forever Georgia, LLC
State of Georgia 
Electrical Contractor EN218041

Freedom Forever Illinois, LLC
City of Chicago
Electrical Contractor ECC95495
General Contractor TGC108411
General Electrician ECC95093
Supervising Electrician SE7327
ICC Distributed Generation Installer 19-0021
City of Ottawa
Residential Electrical License IL-06-101-R

Freedom Forever Idaho, LLC
State of Idaho
Electrical Contractor 053157

Freedom Forever Maryland, LLC
State of Maryland
Home Improvement Contractor 120928 /140496
Master Electrician 14190

Freedom Forever Massachusetts, LLC
State of Massachusetts
Home Improvement Contractor 198080
Business Electrical Contractor License 902-EL-A1
Construction Supervisor License CS-111662
Master Electrician 1136 MR

Freedom Forever Nevada, LLC
State of Nevada
C-2 Electrical 82973

Freedom Forever New Hampshire, LLC
State of New Hampshire
Electrical Contractor 0512C

Freedom Forever New Mexico, LLC
State of New Mexico
Electrical Contractor 401682

Freedom Forever New Jersey, LLC
State of New Jersey
Home Improvement Contractor 13VH11080100

Freedom Forever North Carolina, LLC
State of North Carolina
Electrical Contractor U.34043
General Contractor 84951

Freedom Forever Oregon, LLC
State of Oregon
Construction Contractor CCB234650
Electrical Contractor C1612

Freedom Forever Pennsylvania, LLC
State of Pennsylvania
Home Improvement Contractor PA154625

City of Philadelphia
Electrical Contractor License 54819

Freedom Forever Rhode Island, LLC
State of Rhode Island
Electrical Contractor AC005036
Renewable Energy Professional Certificate REPC-199
General Contractor GC-44187

Freedom Forever South Carolina, LLC
State of South Carolina
Electrical Contractor 115742

Freedom Forever Texas, LLC
State of Texas
Electrical Contractor 34467
Master Electrician 465757

Freedom Forever Utah, LLC
State of Utah
E200 & B100 11463513-5501
Master Electrician 11285545-5502

Freedom Forever Vermont, LLC
State of Vermont
Master Electrician EM-07085

Freedom Forever Wisconsin, LLC
State of Wisconsin
Electrical Contractor 1518020