Below is a list of electrical contractor & home improvement contractor licenses held by Freedom Forever. Contact us here for additional information.

Freedom Forever LLC 
State of California 
CSLB 1029644 
C10 – Electrical; B – General Building Contractor; C39 – Roofing; C46 – Solar 1029644 

Freedom Forever Alabama, LLC 
State of Alabama
Electrical Contractor 08136

Freedom Forever Arizona, LLC 
State of Arizona 
CR-11 Electrical ROC 319879
B General Residential ROC 347650

Freedom Forever Arkansas, LLC 
State of Arkansas 
Residential Home Improvement Contractor 0416810722 
Master Electrician M-10107

Freedom Forever Colorado, LLC 
State of Colorado 
Electrical Contractor EC.0101397 
Master Electrician ME.0601313 

Freedom Forever Connecticut, LLC 
State of Connecticut 
Home Improvement Contractor HIC.0658962 
Electrical Contractor ELC.0205093-E1 

Freedom Forever DC, LLC 
Washington, District of Columbia 
Home Improvement Contractor License 42022000118
Electrical Contractor ECC2002392 

Freedom Forever Delaware, LLC 
State of Delaware 
Master Electrician T1-0016471 
Contractor Business License 2021701305 
Contractor Registration DE-2021-000000204 

Freedom Forever Florida, LLC 
State of Florida 
Certified Electrical Contractor EC13008056 
Certified Roofing Contractor CCC1332814 
Certified Solar Contractor CVC57157

Freedom Forever Georgia, LLC 
State of Georgia  
Electrical Contractor EN218041 
Residential Building Contractor RBCO007137

Freedom Forever Illinois, LLC 
State of Illinois 
ICC Distributed Generation Installer 19-0021 

City of Chicago 
Electrical Contractor ECC95495 
Supervising Electrician SE6798
General Contractor TGC108411 
City of Ottawa 
Residential Electrical License IL-24-00-105R 

Freedom Forever Idaho, LLC 
State of Idaho 
Electrical Contractor 053157 
Contractor Registration RCE-59337

Freedom Forever Maine, LLC
State of Maine
Master Electrician license, MS60020790

Freedom Forever Maryland, LLC 
State of Maryland 
Home Improvement Contractor 140496 
Master Electrician 14190 

Freedom Forever Massachusetts, LLC 
State of Massachusetts 
Home Improvement Contractor 198080 
Construction Supervisor License CS-111662
Construction Supervisor License CS-110314
Business Electrical Contractor License 902-EL-A1 
Master Electrician 1136 MR 

Freedom Forever Minnesota, LLC
State of Minnesota
Residential Building Contractor BC783456
Electrical Contractor EA790533

Freedom Forever Missouri, LLC
State of Missouri
MO Electrical Contractor 2023045038

Freedom Forever Montana, LLC
State of Montana
Limited Electrical Contractor ELE-LCO-LIC-51525
Contractor Registration 268961

Freedom Forever Nevada, LLC 
State of Nevada 
C-2 Electrical 0082973 
Manufactured Housing Specialty Serviceperson 0235

Freedom Forever New Hampshire, LLC 
State of New Hampshire 
Electrical Contractor 0512C 

Freedom Forever New Jersey, LLC 
State of New Jersey 
Home Improvement Contractor 13VH11080100 
Electrical Business Permit 34EB01838900 

Freedom Forever New Mexico, LLC 
State of New Mexico 
Contractor 401682 (EE98, GB02) 
Manufactured Housing Crossover Contractor C401682

Freedom Forever New York, LLC 
State of New York 

Nassau County
Home Improvement Contractor 188421

Suffolk County
Home Improvement Contractor HI-66793
Master Electrician ME-66794

Freedom Forever North Carolina, LLC 
State of North Carolina 
Electrical Contractor I.34043 
General Contractor 84951 

Freedom Forever Ohio, LLC 
State of Ohio 
Electrical Contractor EL.49416 

Freedom Forever Oklahoma, LLC 
State of Oklahoma
Electrical Contractor #219289

Freedom Forever Oregon, LLC 
State of Oregon 
Construction Contractor CCB234650 
Electrical Contractor C1612 

Freedom Forever Pennsylvania, LLC 
State of Pennsylvania 
Home Improvement Contractor PA154625 
City of Philadelphia 
Electrical Contractor License 54819 
City of Pittsburgh 
Electrical Contractor EL-2020-002392 

Freedom Forever Rhode Island, LLC 
State of Rhode Island 
Electrical Contractor AC005036 
Renewable Energy Professional Certificate REPC-199 
General Contractor GC-44187 

Freedom Forever South Carolina, LLC 
State of South Carolina 
Electrical Contractor M115742 
General Contractor G123173 

Freedom Forever Texas, LLC 
State of Texas 
Electrical Contractor 34467 
Master Electrician 465757 

Freedom Forever Utah, LLC 
State of Utah 
E200 & B100 11463513-5501 
Master Electrician 11285545-5502 

Freedom Forever Vermont, LLC 
State of Vermont 
Master Electrician EM-05829

Freedom Forever Virginia, LLC 
State of Virginia
Master Electrician 2710072717 (ELE, AES)
Contractor Class A License 2705177141

Freedom Forever Washington, LLC
State of Washington
Contractor Registration (Building) #FREEDFW794Q9
Electrical Contractor #FREEDFW793QH

Freedom Forever West Virginia, LLC
State of West Virginia
Electrical & Residential Contractor WV 062453

Freedom Forever Wisconsin, LLC 
State of Wisconsin 
Electrical Contractor 1518020 
Dwelling Contractor DC-112001163 

Freedom Forever Wyoming, LLC 
State of Wyoming 
Electrical Contractor C-10128