How to turn on your solar system (SolarEdge)

We have provided 5 DIY steps to get your solar system turned on. However, if you need any assistance, our customer support team is here to help guide you and answer any questions you may have.


Open up your main service panel (skip if in IL or MA)

This is the electric panel that comes with your home. Please open that up and locate the Solar PV Breaker. This breaker will have a red sticker next to it. Please make sure that it is in the ON position.


Locate your AC Disconnect

The AC Disconnect will have a lever on the right side of that box. Please make sure that the lever is up and in the ON position.


Turn ON your Solaredge inverter

On the front of the Solaredge inverter is a circular black switch (outlined in blue). Please turn that switch to the ON position, as shown in the image.


Check red toggle

Above the circular black switch and to the left is a smaller red toggle switch (outlined in blue). This should be in the middle position facing straight up and down.

Note: Please avoid pushing this completely to the left. This will begin a pairing cycle which will result in the inverter taking longer to completely turn on.


Your solar system is now on and producing

Once all the steps are completed your system will wake up and you will begin to see the LED lights blinking. Initially, you will see two blinking lights, green and blue. This indicates that the system is “waking up”. Once the “waking up” process is completed, the LED indicator lights will become a solid blue and green. Your solar system is now on and producing.

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