What are the risks of going solar in Nevada 

There aren’t many risks to going solar in Nevada thanks to Nevada’s net metering law. The law requires that solar system owners be compensated for the power their system sends to the grid at 95% of the retail electric rate. That rate will decline by 7% increments for every 80 megawatts of rooftop solar installed until it reaches a floor of 75% of the retail electric rate. Utilities also may not charge solar owners extra fees that they don’t charge non-solar households.

Nevada is the first state that gives specifically consumers the right to self-generate power

That right ensures that consumers are guaranteed the right to offset their own power usage at almost the full retail rate. Without this right, utilities would have the right to sell back all of your energy (including the energy you generated!) at the rate (if any) of their choosing.

The right to self-generate also makes home batteries an attractive option in Nevada. It allows consumers to use even more of their own power. A system with home batteries can provide power to the home during the day and while it charges the batteries. Then the batteries can power the home during the evening hours. With this setup, a homeowner with a solar system with batteries may only need to draw power from the grid late at night.

The minimal risks of going solar in Nevada

The only risks faced by Nevadans are going solar the wrong way or getting an unexpectedly high utility bill because their system has stopped producing power and they are unaware. You can go solar the wrong way if you make the wrong choice on whether to buy or lease your system. Since the right choice depends on each individual’s personal situation, it’s best to get some expert advice to help one make the smart choice.

Freedom Forever can help you choose the best solar option

Freedom’s family of independent authorized dealers are experts on going solar in Nevada. They can help you decide whether it’s better for you to buy or lease. Freedom Forever helps you avoid facing that unexpected high utility bill because we’ll monitor your system for you, and alert you if it stops working. We’ve got you covered for a full 25 years.

If you purchased your system with Freedom Forever you are covered by the Freedom Forever 25-year Production Guarantee. This means if your system ever produces less power than promised from our fault, Freedom Forever can fix your system and can even reimburse you for any lost energy cost. That compensation will be calculated based on your production guarantee. That way you’re protected from the unexpected.  

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