How to monitor your SolarEdge system

Congratulations on going solar with Freedom Forever. Now that your new system has been turned on, it’s time to learn how to monitor it. Monitoring your system enables you to see how much power it is producing. Your solar system is monitored using SolarEdge monitoring software. Below are instructions for using the SolarEdge monitoring portal.

Register with SolarEdge to access the solar monitoring system

You will receive an email with a link in it titled “Your SolarEdge Registration”. Check on the link in your Email, If unable to click the link, copy and paste it into a browser. Fill out all the needed information in the fields. Change the System Units from Metric to Imperial. Check the first box to acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions. Once you confirm, it will take you to your solar monitoring system, where you will see all of your energy being monitored.

Download the app for monitoring on the go

If you want to monitor your Freedom Forever solar system on your phone, you’ll need to download the SolarEdge App for your phone. You will need to register with SolarEdge by following the steps above before you can access your system’s information in the app.

The information displayed by the SolarEdge monitoring system

Dashboard: When you log into the SolarEdge monitoring system, you’ll see at a glance how much power your system has generated that day, for the month, and for the entire time you’ve owned it. The system also shows you how much power you’ve drawn from the grid. 

The system also displays how much money your system has saved you on electricity. It does this by calculating the cost for the power you use based on how much power you’ve used and how much your utility charges you for electricity.

You’ll also see a bar that displays how much power you’ve used versus how much power you’ve produced. You can change the display date of the bar so you can see how much power you’ve consumed versus how much you’ve generated by the day, week, or month. The app allows you to view any day, week, or month that you want. 

Component-level monitoring

By request. If you want to view your system’s performance right down to the individual solar panel, you can request component-level access from Freedom Forever. Just call us and say you want to upgrade your access to your SolarEdge portal, and we’ll take care of it.

Tip: To get back to your dashboard, click the dashboard icon on the top-left part of the screen

Layout: Under the “Layout” tab on the top-left of the screen, you’ll find a schematic layout that represents inverters, clusters, strings and the modules of your solar system. You can view this information to become familiar with the layout of your system. You will be able to see how much power has been generated by each individual solar panel in your system.

Benefits of the SolarEdge monitoring system

The SolarEdge monitoring system does more for you than just monitor your power consumption and production. It alerts you if there is ever a problem with your system. You can access the system from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can even monitor your system when you’re away from home. You’ll also find stats on your system, weather forecasts, and even some interesting facts about the benefits that your solar system is providing for the environment.

We monitor your Freedom Forever solar power system too

We will be monitoring your system’s power output too. Freedom Forever monitors your system for 25-years so we can ensure that it is producing the amount of power we agreed upon with you in your customer contract. If the system ever falls short, we’ll notify you and make any repairs needed for free. We also compensate you for the power shortfall while your system was needing repairs.* That’s Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee. We’ll make sure you get 25 years of worry-free electricity. 

*subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Want more information or assistance with your solar monitoring system? Call us at 888-557-6431