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Help us stop the utility profit grab

November 5, 2021 | 2min read

Spread the word!

California utilities hold a long history of lobbying against solar production. Now is not an exception. We are days away from the public comment submission deadline to the California Public Utilities Commission and we still need to recruit tens of thousands of Californians to add their name to if we’re going to convince the commission and the Governor to save solar. 

So today we’re asking you to take just two minutes to spread the word about saving solar through one of the most effective tools out there – email! We’re asking you to email your network of friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances or anyone else you can think of to defend solar and storage in California.

The truth is that most Californians still don’t realize that rooftop solar and storage is under threat. This is your opportunity to get them involved in this campaign so we can keep the sun shining on solar. 

It’s super easy – just copy and paste the linked email template and send it to at least 10 Californians. The more the better!

What is Net Metering? 

Net metering gives homeowners the power to reduce energy costs. Secondly, it opens the up the opportunity for communities to use more renewable energy. When a solar system produces more energy than is needed to power the home, excess energy is sent back to the power grid. Now, neighbors can use this extra energy to power their homes. In turn, the homeowner receives a bill credit in the retail amount of the energy that was produced. That’s money back in your pocket!

What is at stake for California? 

Big utility companies are lobbying to add a solar penalty fee to their bills. Consumers could end up paying $60-90 extra per month. As a result, solar becomes less accessible and bill credits are greatly decreased.

If implemented, the profit grab would cost California ten of billions of dollars and each ratepayer $295 per year.

Don’t let California neglect solar power

The expansion of rooftop solar in California and net metering has made it possible for solar to reach working and middle-class neighborhoods. Therefore, by stopping the utility profit grab, Californians will continue to benefit from solar production including: