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Does solar make sense in New Mexico

May 24, 2021 | 3min read

If you think New Mexico is an ideal location for residential solar power because of the beautiful weather and abundant sunshine, well you’re absolutely right. But that’s not all that makes solar make sense in New Mexico. The state has generous programs tied to solar installations for homes that allow homeowners to:

·  Reduce energy bills

·  Earn tax credits

·  Support a cleaner environment and sustainability

If you’re interested in switching to solar for your New Mexico home, here are some facts you need to know.

Enjoy Pricing Benefits and Incentives as a New Mexico Residential Solar Power Customer

Here’s a look at some of the pricing benefits and incentives that make solar make sense in New Mexico:

·  New Mexico net metering provides you with direct credits for your energy bill or pays a cost difference based on rates for energy from traditional sources. The program is structured based on your system size: less than or equal to 10 kW, or greater than 10 kW.

·  Sustainable building tax credit is a state tax credit for solar installation. Your home must be certified sustainable by the US Green Building Council, and your credit is based on your certification level.

·  Energy purchase program for El Paso Electric Company customers pays $0.02/kW hour of electricity generated by your solar panels.

·  State property tax exemption ensures you pay no extra taxes based on the amount your home appreciates in value because of a solar system installation.

·  State solar tax credit reduces your state tax obligation by up to $6,000 or 10% off your solar expenses, whichever figure is greater.

·  Federal solar tax credit (also called Investment Tax Credit) provides a generous deduction of 26% of the cost of your solar installation from your federal tax bill.

You should contact a qualified tax expert and consult with them. Neither Freedom Forever’s family of independent authorized dealers nor Freedom Forever itself can give you tax advice. A qualified tax professional will understand your situation and be able to give you the most relevant advice.

Talk with your solar power independent authorized dealer to learn about the full range of pricing benefits and incentives for going solar in New Mexico.

Does solar power work in New Mexico?

If it seems like this is obvious, it’s because it is: New Mexico is an ideal location for solar power generation because of the abundant sunshine. The environment is perfect, and the above incentives demonstrate that state leadership is highly motivated to make sustainable energy a focus for the future.

Switch to solar power and help preserve New Mexico

New Mexico is beloved by residents for its gorgeous lakes and forests, rugged mountains, and dramatic desert vistas. The state is also home to unique heritage sites, like the ruins of Pueblo and Aztec communities. We’re all motivated to help preserve these treasures, here’s how switching to a solar power system for your New Mexico home can help:

·  Reduces local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

·  Shrinks your carbon footprint

·  Decreases fossil fuel dependence

·  Supports reduced local emissions and improved community health

By making solar your energy source for your home, you are removing the equivalent of several tons of CO2 from the local environment annually. That’s a major difference-maker in the fight to keep New Mexico clean, safe, and beautiful today and for future generations.

Make the best solar power decision

You’ve probably already seen many of your friends and neighbors make the switch to solar, now is a great time to learn more about your options. Contact Freedom Forever today and we can share with you the many benefits available to you, or even provide you with a FREE quote for service.

Freedom Forever is proud to help New Mexico homeowners make the best decision possible about going solar.

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