Why requiring solar panels on new homes is a good idea

December 27, 2019 | 3min read

Requiring solar panels on new homes is a great idea for a lot of reasons. It can help states reach their renewable energy goals. New home buyers will be able to avoid high utility bills if they manage their power usage wisely. Having solar on all new homes can also help with the development of microgrids. Building microgrids moves the generation of power closer to where it is used. That reduces the need for power transmission lines that can start wildfires.

Did you know? 70% of all Americans support requiring solar panels on all new homes!

Renewable energy goals

As of the date of this blog, 29 states and the District of Columbia have set goals for how much power they want to come from renewable energy sources. Requiring solar panels on new homes can contribute a lot to those goals. Helping a state reach its renewable energy goals benefits the homeowners too. They get cheap electricity for as long as they own their home.

New homes have an advantage when going solar

Equipping your home with energy-efficient appliances is a smart move whether you go solar or not. New homes come with energy-efficient appliances because modern appliances are designed to be energy efficient. That gives them an advantage when going solar. New homes with energy-efficient appliances and solar can take maximum advantage of smart home systems to manage their energy usage. The easiest way to maximize your solar investment is to live in a home that is built for energy efficiency.

Requiring solar panels on new homes can help establish microgrids

A microgrid is a much smaller version of the traditional electrical grid. They typically cover a neighborhood. The great thing about microgrids is that they generate power close to where it is being used. A community where everyone has solar can even power the homes in that community after dark by using their solar power to charge the batteries in a community battery farm.

Microgrids offer a lot of benefits to a community. A microgrid enables homeowners who live in that community to pool their energy resources. For example, a community may decide to share the cost of installing a battery farm. Microgrids also reduce the need for electrical transmission wires that can spark wildfires. A microgrid may even enable a community that generates sufficient power to go off-grid or at least gain significant independence from the grid.

Freedom Forever is ready to help you go solar

You don’t have to buy a brand new home to benefit from going solar. Any home can benefit from solar energy with the right system. Freedom Forever’s family of independent authorized dealers are experts in helping you get the most out of your investment in solar energy. Plus you can go solar with confidence thanks to Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee.

With the Freedom Forever 25-Year Guarantee, you can go solar with confidence knowing your system will produce the amount of energy promised for a full 25 years. If you experience any loss of production due to our fault, we’ll go ahead and fix your system. On top of that, we’ll go ahead and reimburse what you had to pay to the utility company while your system was down.

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