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What you can do to protect solar in California

May 14, 2021 | 3min read

Take action!

Now is the time to protect solar in California. Over the past few years, solar has made a lot of sense in California. Between the financial incentives and the net metering programs available, solar power has been an attractive option in the Golden State. For example, eligible homeowners in high fire-risk areas may qualify for a $1,000 per kilowatt-hour of installed battery capacity incentive. Net metering is an attractive incentive that allows homeowners to sell excess energy back to their utility as credits.

However, in 2021 California utilities lobbied to reduce solar savings and eliminate net metering. The solar industry in California was under attack, and it was up to us to take action and protect it. 

Let’s break down what  California utilities were trying to do and what we did to stop them. 

What was happening with Net Metering? 

California utilities were lobbying to impose a monthly fee to new solar owners, just for having solar! They were trying to profit off of solar owners and make solar inaccessible by imposing the following changes. 

  • Imposing a monthly fee of up to $80 for solar homeowners
  • Reducing solar savings by 50-75% by eliminating net metering 
  • Removing the 20-year grandfathering for existing solar owners, ruining their investment
  • Creating uncertainty of the solar market in California

There was a lot at stake, but luckily, there were a few things we all did to help save solar and fight the utility profit grab in California. 

We signed the petition by Save California Solar

Solar energy is beneficial to everyone. It generates clean, renewable electricity and saves taxpayers money. We spoke up and signed the petition by Save California Solar to ask Governor Newsom to step in and strengthen net metering and make solar and batteries more affordable and accessible. By signing this petition, we helped prevent California utilities from making solar inaccessible, simply for their benefit.

We attended the Solar Motorcade at the State Capitol on  May 19th

On May 19th, 2021, solar workers and advocates from throughout California protested outside the State Capitol in Sacramento from 10 am to 12 noon. To show support, we brought signs, and helped stop the utility profit grab in California. Whether you have solar now, know someone who does or plan on getting solar in the future,  it is important to speak up and prevent the utilities from adding solar energy fees.

AB 1139 is dead … for now.

AB 1139, the Utility Profit Grab, was officially put in the “inactive file” today. That means it is officially defeated for the remainder of the year. And it’s all thanks to people like you who made calls, rallied, and fought to keep solar safe in California. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who helped make a difference.

Protect solar in California by being a solar advocate 

Whether you currently have a solar system or are planning for one in the future, you can be a solar advocate. Utilities in California and beyond are constantly looking for ways to lower solar incentives to increase their own profits. This is why you need to speak up, share your solar experience, and support solar tax incentives. There are many ways you can be a solar advocate and fight the climate crisis along the way. The contents of the bill could resurface later this summer in the form of another bill. The fight to save net metering is far from over. Please, if you haven’t already, sight the petition by Save California Solar to Governor Newsom and the CPUC to defend net metering in California.

Freedom Forever is here to protect solar in California 

Freedom Forever is passionate about solar energy and our customers who benefit from it. We pledge to be a strong voice for the industry and consumers just like you. But we can’t do it alone; help us speak up and protect net metering and solar energy in California. 

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