Why going solar in the fall is better

October 10, 2019 | 3min read

The arrival of Fall usually brings thoughts of family gatherings, warm sweaters, and the return of apple-spiced beverages at popular coffee shops. But one thing the arrival of fall doesn’t bring are thoughts of going solar. That’s too bad because there are several reasons why going solar in the fall is better. That is especially true for this fall of 2019. The federal tax credit for solar begins a phase-out at the end of this year. To receive the full credit, you must have your system installed and have received permission to operate by December 31st, 2019.

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Shorter waiting time

Spring and summer are popular times to go solar. When a lot of people go solar at once, it can cause delays in solar system inspections and the permitting process. All solar systems have to be inspected by the local authorities and permitted before they can receive permission to operate. Since your local jurisdiction has only a limited number of inspectors, you can experience delays in the inspection and permitting process during the spring and summer.

Once plans for your system are approved, the next step is the installation. The time of year doesn’t cause delays in the Freedom Forever installation process. Our install teams will get your solar installed ASAP regardless of what time of year it is. That being said, the initial delay during the solar inspection and permitting process can result in overall delays to going solar.

Solar savings during the fall and winter

While it’s true that a solar system produces less energy during the fall and winter months, a solar system still produces plenty of energy. Thus, the sooner you go solar, the sooner you may start cutting your electric bill. But keep in mind that you have to manage your power usage wisely. If you use more power than you used before going solar you can wipe out your savings in a hurry!

Furthermore, keep in mind that many utility companies also charge you less for power during the fall and winter. Thus even though your solar system produces less power during the fall and winter, the amount you are being charged for your use from the grid is likely to be less compared to summer months. Manage your energy usage wisely, and you can still save by going solar in the fall and winter.

You often use less power during the fall and winter months

Your highest electric bills often happen in the summer. That’s because thanks to needs such as air conditioning, you may use the most power during the summer. By installing solar in the cooler months, and managing your energy usage, you may be able to produce more power than you’re using. If your utility offers net-metering, you can then bank those energy savings to offset the higher utility bills that you’ll face in the summertime.

Freedom Forever is ready to help you go solar and start saving

Going solar with Freedom Forever is right all year round. We stand ready to build the solar system that’s right for you, putting you on the fast track to energy savings. We can also help you decide if you are wondering if home batteries are a smart investment for you. Some factors include the way you are billed for electricity and whether there are incentives for batteries available.

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