Freedom Forever joins Solar Rights Alliance

January 28, 2019 | 3min read

Freedom Forever™ is joining the Solar Rights Alliance (SRA) to defend the rights of existing and future solar power system owners. The Solar Rights Alliance is an organization made up of “Homeowners, renters, businesses, nonprofits, schools and others from all parts of California,” according to the Solar Rights Alliance website. The membership consists of people who “believe you have the right to make and store your own energy from the sun without interference, discrimination or red tape from the utilities or the government.”

Freedom Forever firmly believes that people’s rights to make, store, and be fairly compensated for the power they produce is under attack. Lobbyists representing powerful utility monopolies are fighting to protect the utilities’ interests. We firmly believe that we must all stand together to defend the rights of solar power system owners and providers.

Concerned Freedom Forever solar power system owners can join the SRA too

Freedom Forever plans to offer all current and future Freedom Forever solar power system owners the opportunity to join the SRA. Existing customers will be given the opportunity to opt-in to membership. New customers will be given the opportunity to opt-out of membership. All customers can of course opt-out at any time.

Installing home solar is an investment we’re sure that many of our customers are just as concerned about protecting as we are. Membership in the SRA is free, and the SRA never shares your information with anyone.

Benefits of joining the Solar Rights Alliance

SRA members will receive free alerts anytime legislation, rate changes, or other actions are proposed that threaten the value of residential solar power systems. In these alerts, the SRA gives its members simple, effective ways they can make their voices heard. The SRA also provides information about buying, maintaining, and upgrading solar power systems. SRA members will also be able to reach out to the organization with questions or to seek assistance with certain problems.

The threat posed to home solar power by utility company lobbyists

“They [utilities] would still dearly like to strangle rooftop solar if they could,” says Retired California Public Utilities Commissioner Mark Ferron of efforts by utilities to make it harder and more expensive to go solar. Recent history seems to bear him out.

In recent years, utility companies have tried to kill net metering. They have raised rates for electricity that solar owners pay, while simultaneously reducing the amount that solar power owners are compensated for the power they produce. To top it off, lobbyists are constantly in Sacramento seeking to justify the utility companies’ next rate hike.

The Solar Rights Alliance is a voice needed in Sacramento

Utility companies have plenty of people to represent them in Sacramento. But what about home solar power owners? Solar power is an important part of the State of California’s plans to transition to 100% renewable energy. Homeowners who install solar should be treated as a valuable part of the state’s energy future, not as cash cows for the utility companies.

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